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Smith & Nephew R-3 Acetabuler Hip Replacement

Kentucky Smith & Nephew Recall Attorneys can help you with your S&N R-3 hip problems. In 2009, the Smith & Nephew R-3 Acetabuler hip system became available in the United States. This hip replacement system is a metal on metal implant when the R-3 metal liner is used with a metal femoral head and like other metal on metal hip implants, they carry significant complications. After many reported cases of serious side effects from hip implant recipients, it was discovered that metal hip replacement systems have a higher failure rate than other implants not made with metal on metal components. Metal hip implants tend to fail at a quicker rate due to shedding of metal debris from the friction caused by metal parts rubbing against other metal parts. This metal debris can get into the bloodstream damaging tissue surrounding the implant from metal poisoning, which can then lead to other serious side effects.

If you have suffered complications after receiving a metal hip implant such as the Smith & Nephew R-3 Acetabular system, contact Kentucky Smith & Nephew Recall Attorneys at Attorney Group for Kentucky so see if you are eligible to pursue a claim.

Complications from Metal Hip Implants

Kentucky Smith & Nephew Recall Attorneys
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When the metal liner grinds against the metal femoral head in the Smith & Nephew R-3 Acetabular hip replacement system, metal particles shed, accumulate and can then seep into the bloodstream causing metal poisoning, or metallosis. Additional complications can also happen such as hip dislocations, severe joint pain, difficulties with walking, weakening strength, loosening of the implant, pseudotumors, necrosis of tissue and bone, infections and bone fractures. Many metal hip replacement patients will have to undergo additional surgeries to fix or replace the defective implant and revision surgeries are often difficult, painful, expensive and time consuming with costly rehabilitation therapy.

Smith & Nephew issued a recall of its R-3 Acetabular System in June 2012 due to the high number of required revision surgeries and unacceptable levels of performance. Recent studies investigating clinical trials of this hip replacement system found that recipients of the R-3 Acetabular hip device were more likely to need revision surgery to fix or replace the device by 60 percent.

Kentucky Smith & Nephew Recall Attorneys

You may qualify to pursue a claim against Smith & Nephew for compensation if you or a loved one has suffered an injury from the R-3 Acetabular hip replacement system. We invite you to contact our Kentucky Smith & Nephew Recall Attorneys at Attorney Group for Kentucky to determine if you are eligible.