Kentucky Drunk Driver Accidents Lawyers

Drunk Driver Accidents

Drunk driving accidents are likely to cause substantial damage and fatal injuries to passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.  Unfortunately, in many incidents, responsible drivers following all traffic laws suffer terrible injuries because of irresponsible, alcohol influenced drivers who got behind the wheel.  Those irresponsible drivers may face criminal penalties as well as be held civilly liable for any injuries victims have suffered.  Long lasting consequences are likely for everyone involved in an alcohol related crash leaving its victims with overwhelming physical and emotional injuries. If you or someone you care about has endured injuries because of a drunk driving accident, you should not have to deal with the likely heartbreaking aftermath alone.  Drunk driving lawyers at Kentucky Attorneys Group are here to help you with your case.

 Your life can be turned upside down when suffering because of another’s illegal actions or negligence.  After a drunk driving accident, you may find yourself unable to care for yourself, unable to work and pay your bills – normal bills as well as the unexpected medical bills that continue to pile up.  You may now require continuous medical care and costly rehabilitation to try to get back to your normal daily routine.  Our lawyers at Kentucky Attorneys Group can fight to get you the compensation you deserve from those who are responsible for your disabling injuries so that you can get your life back.

Defining Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC)

Alcohol is a depressant. Depressants slow your heart rate and breathing rate. They also impair cognitive skills, or mental activity, like reaction time, and your physical activities are affected, including psychomotor skills such as eye-hand coordination according to the nonprofit DUI Foundation.

An individual’s BAC is the amount of alcohol in his or her blood. When alcohol is consumed, it remains in the bloodstream until the liver breaks it down, as explained by the National Institute of Health per its website at PubMed Health. If alcohol is consumed faster than the liver is able to break it down, the BAC will rise. The effects of alcohol may become apparent within 10 minutes and hit its peak around 40 to 60 minutes after taking a drink.

Serious and Fatal Drunk Driver Crashes

Complex issues can be associated with incidents involving intoxicated drivers causing serious injuries and fatal accidents:

    • Drivers without insurance
      If drivers have a prior history of drunk driving charges, they may be driving with a suspended license and improper insurance coverage.
    • Hit-and-run accidentsIntoxicated drivers may leave the scene of an accident out of fear of being arrested or even so drunk they did not realize they hit someone.
    • Liability of a bar owner/dram-shop liabilityIf a minor was served alcohol illegally, the owner of the place where that alcohol was served can also be held responsible financially for injuries caused by the minor.

Kentucky Drunk Driver Accidents LawyersDrunk Driving Attorneys

Lawyers at Kentucky Attorneys Group are experienced in handling drunk driving cases.  We will thoroughly investigate drinking and driving accidents by talking with any witnesses, going through police reports and carefully evaluating the circumstances involved in the accident.  We will work to discover the real cost of the injuries suffered by our clients to get the appropriate amount of compensation.  In fatal cases, our wrongful death attorneys will work with families to prepare a successful wrongful death lawsuit.  We will focus our energy on getting our clients the just and fair compensation they deserve.