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Insurance claims are filed by millions of Americans each year asking for payment coinciding with a specific insurance policy. Insurance is a beneficial and valuable way to protect your assets. In the unfortunate event that your property becomes destroyed or damaged and you hold an insurance policy, you have the right to submit a claim with your insurance provider. Unfortunately though, insurance companies often deny claims wrongfully. This is when you need to contact insurance claim attorneys at Attorney Group for Kentucky who have the knowledge and experience needed to get you the compensation you are entitled.

Insurance companies excel at advertising and selling their policies. They are even better at collecting their monthly insurance premiums, and unfortunately, they are notoriously known for their frustrating tactics for denying and delaying insurance claims. Insurance companies are one of the most frustratingly time consuming things most all of us have had to or will have to deal with at one point in our lives. Insurance companies are legally required to meet specific obligations to their policyholders. They are required to evaluate claims in a timely fashion, settle claims quickly and provide an explanation for each claim regardless if the claim is paid or denied. When insurance companies fail to meet these obligations, they demonstrate “bad faith”, which can include inappropriately low offers to cover damages, excessive delays, denials for no legitimate reason, inadequate investigation of damages, confusing policy content, and intentional deception or fraud.

Car Insurance Claims Attorneys

Auto insurance claims can include uninsured motorist claims, personal injury claims and damage claims. Each of these claims will need a different strategy to be successful. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your insurance company is offering you a fair amount of compensation for your claim. In some instances, it can be obvious if they are offering an amount that is clearly too low, while other times it is hard to tell if you are really entitled to a lot more. Experienced auto accident insurance attorneys at Attorney Group for Kentucky will be able to ensure you are getting the fair amount you deserve for your claim. If you are involved in an insurance claim denial or delay, know that insurance companies will try many different tactics to limit the amount of their losses as much as they can and our lawyers are here to help. Our attorneys will help you determine if your auto insurance company is handling your claim fairly.