Kentucky Whistleblower Lawyer

When a person or entity willfully, purposefully, or knowingly defrauds the
government, they may be held responsible if a whistleblower reports the fraud to the government. Each state has its own False Claims Act that, in conjunction with the federal False Claims Act, protects whistleblowers by awarding them with certain types of financial compensation if they are harassed or wrongly treated by their employers or the entity they accused of fraud.

Additionally, successful qui tam lawsuits can provide the whistleblower with 15 to 30 percent of the total amount recovered by the government. Qui tam lawsuits can cover any number of fraud allegations, and they are most commonly brought forward when an individual or entity in the healthcare or defense-contracting sectors willfully defrauds the government. Possible cases may include:

  • An individual or company who knowingly makes untrue statements to get out
    of paying a legitimate debt
  • An individual or company who knowingly overcharges the government for goods or services that were never rendered or delivered
  • An individual or company who knowingly makes untrue statements in order for the government to send money to which that individual or company may not be entitled

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Kentucky whistleblower lawyer

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