Kentucky Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycle Accidents

An astonishing number of severe injuries and fatalities are suffered by bicycle riders throughout the nation, most being caused by drivers of motor vehicles. Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers can help victims of these accidents. Car and truck drivers often times do not pay enough attention to their surroundings and do not make a habit of looking out for cyclists before making moves that can be extremely tragic for bike riders. There are countless cyclist accidents caused by vehicle motorists when they fail to double check their blind spots before switching lanes, turning right in front of bike riders, traveling on the shoulder sideswiping cyclists, opening doors directly in front of a bike rider, not stopping at stop signs, and pulling out from streets or driveways without looking. All of these seemingly minute mistakes can mean traumatic injury to innocent cyclists.

What To Do After a Bicycle Accident

It is very important to speak with Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers as soon as possible following an injury involving a bicycle accident in order to preserve important evidence, talk with any witnesses before they disappear and not give extra time to the other person’s insurance company so that they could take advantage of you. Without proper legal representation, insurance companies will more than likely always try to settle any claim to their own advantage by offering victims an unfair amount of compensation. Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Attorney Group for Kentucky will act quickly to start a thorough investigation into your case so that we can obtain and protect any valuable evidence.

Possible Recoverable Compensation from a Bicycle Accident Case

Our law firm at Attorney Group for Kentucky have experienced injury lawyers who will obtain the fair compensation and due accountability our clients deserve. The party who is at fault could be held liable for many types of damages:

  • Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers

    Present and future medical expenses

  • Costs of rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost earnings and potential future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Distress emotionally
  • Loss of financial support from spouse or parent
  • Loss of relations with spouse
  • Property damage
  • Expenses for incidentals
  • Other economic, physical or even punitive damages

Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Contact Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Attorney Group for Kentucky to discuss your accident claim. We will diligently work to get you the monetary compensation you are entitled, simplify the often complicated legal process involved in a personal injury lawsuit to take some of the stress off you so that you can focus on getting well.