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Car/Auto Accident

Car accidents happen daily and most drivers will be involved in at least one vehicle accident at some point in their lives. Fortunately, most of those accidents are only minor fender-benders not involving injuries or only minor scrapes and bruises. Unfortunately though, motor vehicle accidents can also cause serious injury or even death and are the number one cause of death of teenage drivers. Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys are experienced in dealing with all types of auto accidents

Car crashes are very unpredictable incidents. There are some accidents that have caused serious injuries even though cars were traveling at low speeds, while other accidents happen at high speeds with such impact that one would think no would could have survived, when in fact, people have walked away without a single scratch. Every car crash case is different and unfortunately most insurance companies do not agree. They often believe that the amount of damage to the property, or lack thereof, is indicative of the amount of injury a person sustains; that if the vehicle did not have much damage, that the injured person did not suffer much either. Although that is the case sometimes, it is definitely not true in every accident, but since insurance companies often treat car accident cases with the cookie cutter approach, victims are often offered unfair amounts of compensation that is hardly ever enough to cover all expenses.


Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

The two most important questions in every car accident claim are: What are the injuries and who was at fault? Sometimes it is easy to determine who caused the accident while other times it can become an argument. Car accident attorneys must investigate police reports, evaluate the accident scene and talk with any available witnesses to figure out who was at fault. Injuries have to be assessed after it is determined who caused the accident. Because insurance companies want to save themselves money any way they can, they usually put up an argument over the amount they are willing to pay the victims. These are the reasons why you will need a skilled auto accident lawyer on your side.

Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys

When you have suffered injury from a car accident and everyone involved is looking out for what is best for themselves, it is crucial to have experienced Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys in your corner. Our Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys at Attorney Group for Kentucky are here to give you the sound advice and legal representation you need.