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Defective Products

Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers
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Products used by consumers as intended that are unreasonably dangerous are labeled as defective. Product liability laws rule defective products giving injured customers rights to seek compensation for damages caused by faulty products. Our Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers believe that no customer should suffer injury by a product. We will fight for your rights, not only for money, but also to hold responsible parties accountable for the unnecessary harm caused by their faulty products. We want you to focus on recovering quickly without the added stress of how to pay for your medical bills.

Thousands of consumers in America are injured at the fault of dangerous products every year. Even though there are requirements for manufacturers to follow adequate safety measures to prevent harm to consumers, defective products are still on the market. Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers can be file a lawsuit against responsible parties for bringing products that are dangerous into the marketplace. Possible responsible parties can include the marketer, the manufacturer and companies who were hired to perform safety tests on a product.

Product Liability Cases

Design defects – An entire line of products can be harmful if there is a flaw in the original design. When designers do not add a safety feature that is needed to prevent harm or a mistake is made that can result in injury, they should be held liable.

Manufacturing defects – When products are designed correctly but there is an oversight during the manufacturing stage such as using a cheaper part to save a little money, manufacturers are at fault and should be held accountable.Inadequate warnings or improper instructions – If a product does not have sufficient warning labels or if proper instructions are not provided, serious injury could occur. An example would be no warning given for certain medications that can have possible serious side effects or possible dangers when mixing one drug with another particular drug are not included. Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers help victims of these products hold those responsible liable.

Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers

If you have been hurt because of a defective product, contact our Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers at Attorney Group for Kentucky so we can decide how best to move forward with your case. With our attorneys on your side, you will have powerful legal representation fighting for your rights as a victim of a faulty product. We have the experience, skills and necessary resources to make a compelling case to win you the compensation you deserve.