Diabetes Drug Lawsuits Could Mean Serious Risks for Louisiana Residents

Diabetes Drug Lawsuit- LouisianaDo You Have a Diabetes Drug Lawsuit?

It has been stated in scientific research and medical studies that some of the most commonly used drugs to treat diabetes could potentially cause health problems. These problems include issues like pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and disabilities. Patients who have had to endure problems as a result of their diabetes drugs should know their options regarding a potential diabetes drug lawsuit in Louisiana.

1. Byetta

By using an active ingredient called exantide, Byetta was approved by the FDA to treat type II diabetes in 2005. Since that time, the product’s manufacturer, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, has brought in more than $700 million through 7 million prescriptions. Unfortunately, it is recently become apparent the research done in February 2013 that the drug could potentially cause thyroid problems and pancreatic cancer. Patients who experienced some of these problems may be able to file a diabetes drug lawsuit in Louisiana to pursue compensation for injuries.

2. Bydureon

Bydureon has been found to potentially cause problems that make living life difficult, and even allegedly caused fatalities. While it is able to properly regulate blood sugar levels, it could also cause nausea, headache, constipation, and other issues while in use. Additionally, patients have been noted to have thyroid cancer or pancreatic cancer as a result of this drug. Some patients who used Bydureon have even reported that they have had pancreatitis.

3. Victoza

When this drug was originally approved by the FDA, it’s intended purpose was to assist individuals suffering with diabetes in regulating their blood glucose levels. Through an injectable agent, this drug is able to treat type II diabetes. Unfortunately, it is also subject to many of the same problems that other diabetes drugs have that can potentially cause thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, and pancreatitis.

4. Januvia

Studies published in both 2009 and 2011 indicated that Januvia could potentially cause pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The drug’s manufacturer, Merck, has relabeled the drug to indicate the potential side effects but has not taken Januvia off the market.

Have You Suffered From a Serious Condition After Taking a Diabetes Drug?

If you or a loved one took a diabetes drug such as Byetta, Bydureon, Victoza, or Januvia, and were later diagnosed with another serious condition such as cancer or thyroid issues, consider seeking legal help. Attorney Group for Louisiana can discuss your particular situation and help you understand your options. If you decide to pursue a claim, we can connect you with a local Louisiana attorney who can file your lawsuit. Contact us today to learn more in a free consultation.