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Blitz Gas Can Explosion

Many Americans own a portable gas container and most store them in common places such as their garage, shed, or porch. The disturbing and dangerous fact is that many of these gas containers, Blitz in particular, pose hazards because they are missing an important safety feature, a flame arrestor. There have been several catastrophic accidental explosions causing severe injuries and even death to unsuspecting victims and many of those traumatic accidents could have been prevented had the gas can been equipped with a flame arrestor. If you or someone you care about has suffered injuries or even death due to a Blitz gas can explosion, contact Louisiana Attorney Group today so we can get you matched up with experienced Louisiana Blitz Gas Can Attorneys who can fight for your rights. They will ensure you receive fair monetary compensation to cover your accident-related expenses when filing a Blitz gas can explosion lawsuit.

Problems with Portable Gas Cans

Some of the problems linked to these portable gas cans include the following:

Louisiana Blitz Gas Can Attorneys
  • Failing to come equipped with a flame arrestor. The flame arrestor is an important safety feature located within the spout of the gas can. This simple and inexpensive modification, which usually costs only about 50 cents to add, is a small metal device that has holes and fits into the spout of a gas can. The arrestor works by forcing flames to travel through a narrow channel that is too small for the flame to go through. This would prevent the remaining gasoline from leaking out of the can and igniting and exploding. This feature has been used in many different capacities over the past several years. This device can even be found in rum bottles that have high-proof alcohol.
  • Not equipped with child-resistant gas caps. For many years, gas can manufacturers, Blitz USA included, have sold portable gas cans minus child-resistant caps. Even though the cost to trade out an original cap for a child-resistant cap is usually only a few cents extra, manufacturers still do not take steps to protect consumers who buy their products. Manufacturers have gotten away with this via a loophole within the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, which makes it a requirement to use child-resistant caps on toxic or flammable substances that will be stored and used around a home. However, because these gas cans were empty when they were sold, they were not subject to such a requirement.
  • Insufficient warnings on the gas containers. Warnings are often times molded into the side of the container in the same color as the container itself, making it very hard to read, if seen at all. A bold, easier to see warning would only cost a little bit more and would help prevent many tragic accidents.
  • Missing spill-proof closures on containers. When a gas container does not have a proper closure, the risks are higher for an accidental gasoline spill.

Louisiana Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

When gas cans are missing such important safety features and warnings, innocent people are at risk for preventable accidents. If you have suffered injuries due to a Blitz gas can explosion, our member Louisiana Blitz Gas Can Attorneys will help protect your rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.