Endo International to Pay $830 Million to Settle Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Louisiana-Mesh Lawsuits-EndoMesh Lawsuits Reach Settlement

In an effort to settle litigation for approximately 20,000 mesh lawsuits regarding injuries sustained from transvaginal mesh implants, Endo International, a Dublin based company, has agreed to pay $830 million. The settlement involves those who were injured by Perigee, Apogee and Elevate implants in Louisiana and other states.

According to the settlement terms, Endo will pay an average of $40,000 to each plaintiff included in the settlement once injuries have been confirmed, depending on the circumstances of each case. Plaintiffs can request additional amounts by providing documentation of severe injury or multiple surgeries to remove the implant. However, the proposed settlement does not resolve all mesh lawsuits pending against the company, as there are another 23,000 that are not covered under the settlement. There are reports that the settlement includes a non-disclosure agreement that would prevent those who accept the settlement from discussing the product or their experiences with them in Louisiana and other states.

Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh has been a popular treatment for women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can be a cause of incontinence and other problems. More than 70,000 women received the implants in 2010 alone. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began receiving reports of infection, pain, and urinary problems in women who had the mesh inserted. In some women, the bowel, bladder, and other organs were perforated by the mesh. Many women reported vaginal scarring and pain during intercourse that seriously affected their quality of life. The FDA issued several warnings regarding the mesh, and, in early 2014, decided to reclassify the product as “high-risk” for complications, leading to many mesh lawsuits in Louisiana and other states.

Quality of Life

Women throughout the U.S., including in Louisiana, have reported that complications from transvaginal mesh significantly affected their quality of life. Many patients report that discovery of their problem took years, and some claim they were referred to therapists, as doctors claimed they could find nothing wrong. Some women were accused of drug abuse, as the pain required them to take significant amounts of controlled medications simply to get through their daily lives. Women reported job loss, divorce and other setbacks as they were unable to work or continue day-to-day activities due to the constant pain and other medical issues they faced due to the alleged transvaginal mesh failure. At least three deaths have even been linked to transvaginal mesh failures. Two women died after bowel perforations and one died after hemorrhage. These complications have led to mesh lawsuits filed throughout the United States, including Louisiana.

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For many years, makers of transvaginal mesh products maintained that the risks associate with their products were extremely rare and that the procedure was safe for women, despite growing evidence that the product could be causing many women significant problems. If you or a loved one suffered serious injury after receiving a transvaginal mesh implant, or if a loved one died after the insertion of transvaginal mesh, consider seeking legal help to learn more about pursuing a claim for compensation. Contact Attorney Group for Louisiana today to learn what rights you may have regarding filing a lawsuit and seeking compensation for injuries. We can help answer your questions, and connect you with an affiliated attorney. Contact us today for your free consultation.