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Louisiana Androgel Testosterone AttorneysWhat is Androgel?

Androgel is testosterone made into a topical gel for men who have bodies that are not producing enough of the hormone. More specifically, it is used to treat a condition known in medicine as hypogonadism. Men who suffer from this condition have low testosterone production, which can lead to several medical problems. Women can also suffer from the condition of hypogonadism, but this product is not recommended for use by women.

Why does a man’s body need testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for helping a boy physically become a man. It helps to grow muscles, grow hair and change a boy’s voice. A man’s body will naturally decline its production of testosterone starting at approximately age 30. However, as a man gets older he still needs a certain amount of the hormone, and if production levels drop too low, he will begin to feel the effects. The obvious symptom is a low sex drive and possibly erectile dysfunction, but there are several symptoms that are subtle. Things such as unexplained fatigue and depression can be due to low testosterone, and many men are not aware they have a condition of low testosterone.

When a male patient is diagnosed with low testosterone, Androgel is a commonly prescribed medication. The gel is rubbed on the skin, and the testosterone is absorbed by the skin. This has the effect of boosting the testosterone in a man’s system and can help reduce the symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Side Effects of Using Androgel

There are a great many side effects for a man when using Androgel. A doctor will monitor a patient closely to make sure that there are no serious complications. There are several medications that do not interact well with Androgel and a doctor needs to know everything a man is taking before using this topical gel. Because some medications are necessary, a doctor will be looking for common problems with drug interactions for the specific medication being used.

The Reasons For Lawsuits

There have been complications for users of Androgel and many of them are associated with second-hand contamination. It is the people living with a man who appear to be having adverse side effects from the Androgel. This has been particularly true with young children. The Androgel has shown itself to be difficult to control, and it finds its way onto towels, clothes, bed sheets, and numerous other articles in the home. From this point, it comes in contact with a child in the house. The result is that a child can begin to show signs of early onset puberty. It can also be spread from one person to another by contact with exposed skin. Women can also have a serious reaction to this hormone if they are pregnant. Reports have shown a link to this hormone and birth defects in women. Because testosterone, in the form of a gel, is easily absorbed into the skin, a heightened awareness of spreading the gel to women and children must be taken.

Keep in mind that there are other reasons for a child’s premature puberty as well as birth defects in a woman’s newborn child. It is important to consult with Louisiana Androgel testosterone attorneys as well as your doctor. It should also be pointed out that Androgel is a brand name, and there are others manufacturers of testosterone gel. If you have used a similar product, Louisiana Androgel testosterone attorneys will be able to advise you of your legal rights.

Why Contact Louisiana Androgel Testosterone Attorneys?

There was a recent study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association in November of 2013 that showed that there was a 30 percent increase in a man’s risk for heart attack, stroke or death. The study was of 8,700 men, but the researchers themselves are the first to say that the study was far from conclusive; however, it is enough information to keep alert to any bodily changes that are taking place and report everything to your doctor. If you have recently had a heart attack of stroke while on testosterone therapy, you may want to contact Louisiana Androgel testosterone attorneys.

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