Louisiana Apex Arc Hip System Attorney

Louisiana Apex Arc Hip System AttorneyWhen a company like OmniLife Science brings a new medical device to market, people expect it to be safe. When OmniLife Science introduced the Apex ARC hip system, the company stated the device was appropriate for a wide range of patients regardless of gender, age, or deformity. The Apex Arc hip system was touted as a bone-conserving prosthetic with qualities superior to metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. OmniLife claimed their product to be safe. However, many patients in Louisiana and around the nation are alleging the device is not as safe as claimed.

The similarities between products that have already been recalled and the Apex ARC hip system have been discussed. Take for instance the Stryker Rejuvenate recall of 2012. Like the Apex ARC, the Stryker Rejuvenate claimed it was safe. Patients who received a Stryker or Apex ARC implant and were subsequently diagnosed with metallosis would disagree. The stems and necks of such implants are coated with titanium, cobalt, and chromium. When these metals are under the sort of stress a hip endures in a day, those metals can and sometimes do flake off and become problematic. If you have an Apex ARC hip system or other prosthetic joint in your body and have suffered pain or other symptoms, consider seeing a doctor. If diagnosed with a failing or failed hip, consider contacting Attorney Group for Louisiana.

Apex Arc Hip System Lawsuit

The first Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit was filed in June 2014. The lawsuit was filed against Orthopaedic Synergy Inc. and OmniLife Science Inc. due to damages alleged to have been caused by the Apex ARC hip system. The suit was filed in Suffolk County Superior Court, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and accuses OmniLife Science, the maker of the Apex ARC hip system, of releasing the device to market whilst ignoring known design flaws in the product. The plaintiff in the case suffered premature failure of her hip implant and was diagnosed with metallosis and a necrotic pseudo tumor, as well. The suit alleges that the plaintiff’s health problems are a result of the Apex ARC hip implant.

If you or someone you love was hurt by a faulty medical device, consider contacting Attorney Group for Louisiana. We can help you understand your options in your particular situation, help you determine if you have a case, and connect you with an affiliated attorney, all at no cost or obligation to you. We are here to help keep patients informed. Contact us today to learn more.