Louisiana Asbestos Lawsuit Awarded Nearly $6 Million

louisiana asbestos lawsuitIn August 2013, a Louisiana Asbestos Lawsuit ended in victory for the plaintiff by finding the Dow Chemical Company liable for its use of asbestos, which allegedly caused cancer in its workers. The state court in Plaquemine, also home to Dow, awarded damages totaling $5.95 million. The Louisiana Asbestos Lawsuit cited Sidney Mabile, former Dow worker who is now afflicted with terminal Mesothelioma, a cancer from asbestos exposure. Mabile, claims the lawsuit, is just one of thousands of workers at Dow, which is the largest chemical plant in the state, who were exposed to asbestos, leading to Mesothelioma. The Louisiana Asbestos Lawsuit also cited hundreds of future asbestos sufferers because they worked at the plant.

According to court documents, Dow Chemical lobbied against a proposed ban on asbestos use by the Environmental Protection Agency. It was apparently successful because the company continued to use raw asbestos in its operations in its U.S. plants and also fought any ban on asbestos in other countries. The Louisiana Asbestos Lawsuit also revealed that an inside analysis by Dow showed that removing asbestos from its operations and switching to another material would cost more than $1 billion.

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