Information on Louisiana Biomet Hip Lawsuits You Need to Know


Biomet hip lawsuitsThe Biomet M2A hip implant has caused severe injuries for thousands of victims around the country. The failure rate of the Biomet M2A hip implant was not anticipated by surgeons who used it in their operations. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the implant failed to warn surgeons about the risks that were associated with this implant. As a result, many surgeons continued to use and prescribe the implant for patients without realizing the excessive harm that it was causing them. Consequently, Louisiana Biomet hip lawsuits have ensued.

Side Effects Louisiana Biomet Hip Implants

Patients usually begin to notice the adverse side effects of the Biomet M2A hip implant after a few weeks of surgery. They may begin to experience swelling in the hip joint region or feel an itching sensation. Some individuals also experience severe pain in the same area, rendering even the most mundane activities seemingly-insurmountable tasks. In the worst instances, patients have even received a fracture as a direct result of Louisiana Biomet hip implants. These tragic injuries can cause a person to feel like he or she will never be able to live in a normal way ever again. As a result, some patients even become depressed or suffer emotional distress because of Biomet hip implants.

Number of Claims Filed

Every year, there are more and more claims being filed against the manufacturer of the Biomet M2A hip implant device. As a result, judges are now consolidating the cases into multi-district litigation proceedings against the manufacturer. The manufacturer has actually set up a pool of funds that is to be used to pay for the claims of injured victims. The pool of funds currently has millions of dollars.

There have been cases in which claimants have been able to receive thousands of dollars for their injuries. It may be possible for you to be one of the many claimants who receives the full extent of damages to cover the losses that you have experienced. A lawyer working with Attorney Group for Louisiana can offer you legal counsel, inform you of your rights, and get you on the track towards monetary compensation.

FDA Warnings Relating to the Biomet M2A Hip Implant

The FDA has issued warnings in regards to the Biomet M2A hip implant. These warnings state that the device is unsafe for surgeons to use in their operations. If you feel that you were never made aware of the risks associated with the Biomet M2A hip implant, then you should get in touch with Attorney Group for Louisiana today. Experienced attorneys are waiting to help you move forward and file the appropriate Louisiana Biomet hip lawsuits.

The FDA has yet to issue an actual recall concerning the Biomet M2A hip implants. However, a recall appears imminent. In 2012, the FDA hosted a panel that featured a wide range of medical experts. The majority of medical experts conclusively discovered that the Biomet M2A hip implant had a high failure rate and was likely to fail in future surgeries, as well. Medical experts were also concerned about the possibility that patients could experience metal poisoning as a result of the implantation. The Biomet M2A hip implant contains high levels of cobalt, a substance highly dangerous were it to enter the bloodstream. Patients who receive metal poisoning, also known as “metallosis,” are at an increased risk of cancer, or even death. Other unpleasant side effects that are associated with metal poisoning are nausea, migraines, and depression.

Get in Touch with a Attorney Group for Louisiana

You may feel that it has been too long since your surgery to do anything about the problems that you now face as a result of your hip implant. Even if you are unsure, take the time to get in touch with a Attorney Group for Louisiana to discover the statute of limitations concerning Louisiana Biomet hip lawsuits. A Attorney Group for Louisiana can guide and direct you in the process of obtaining compensation for your injuries. You should not be responsible for paying for any corrective surgeries that are associated with a hip implant. Further, you should not feel emotionally depressed or suffer additional pain and suffering from this hip implant. No one should ever have to live in this way after receiving what is supposed to be a surgery that benefits their health. Contact Attorney Group for Louisiana today.