Louisiana GM Recall Update

Louisiana GM Recall UpdateThe recent ignition switch GM recall has created a lot of media coverage, as well as questions and concerns with consumers. Louisiana drivers should be aware of the developments in GM recall news, as millions of vehicles are now under recall. Residents of Louisiana should also be aware that they can seek free legal counsel if they have questions about their legal rights in the GM recall.

GM Recall Numbers Increase

Another GM recall was recently released for the Escalade ESV and Cadillac Escalade models. For these models, GM has stated that the passenger seat airbags do not properly function. GM has asked that owners refrain from driving these vehicles with passengers in the car until they can be repaired by a dealership. GM is currently working on delivering the repair parts to dealerships. Another recent recall relates to the Chevy Silverado and Sierra HD heavy-duty pickup truck. An internal audit recently revealed that these vehicles could be prone to fire if a fuse block becomes loosened. The recent recalls have increased the total amount that GM expects to pay for repair parts from $200 million to $400 million. These recalls are the most recent, following the largest recalls of a faulty ignition switch, a steering defect, and airbag malfunctions.

Dangers Posed by Allegedly Faulty Ignition Switches

The ignition switch GM recall remains at the forefront of the government investigations surrounding the automaker. The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHTSA) expressed serious concerns about the future fatality rates that could be associated with the allegedly faulty ignition switches. These ignition switches may suddenly turn off while a driver is on the road. When the switch is inadvertently knocked or weighed down, it can turn to the “off” position. This causes the vehicle to turn off and shut down. The airbag systems and power steering also turn off, so drivers and passengers have no protection if they crash into another vehicle on the road.

To date, the NHTSA has imposed its maximum fine of $35 million upon GM for failing to remedy the component defects before releasing the cars to the public. In addition, the Department of Justice is pursuing an investigation of GM for potential criminal charges.

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