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Louisiana Insurance Claims Attorneys

If you have ever faced the grim reality of having your home or belongings damaged after a natural disaster, you know the devastation that such an event can cause. Losing your home and all of the personal belongings that you hold dear can be a traumatic and trying experience. Unfortunately, in times like these when people need them the most, many have found that their insurance companies turn a blind eye, neglecting to provide for them the finances they needed to rebuild their lives. Thankfully, unlike some insurance companies, Louisiana insurance claims attorneys are looking out for your best interests and can enforce the legal rights that may be being overlooked by these negligent providers.

Louisiana Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Help in Your Time of Need

Many families in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the rest of southern Louisiana lost everything during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Isaac in 2012. To make matters worse, many suffered the frustration of insurance companies not honoring their contracts. In most cases, entire homes and businesses were completely destroyed or left in need of extensive repairs. Although families and business owners had insurance to protect against these situations, insurance companies failed to meet their obligations, leaving thousands of families without the finances needed to begin rebuilding their lives.

louisiana insurance claims attorneysIf this has happened to you, you are not alone. Louisiana insurance claims attorneys can use their years of experience to fight for your rights and help get you the money you deserve. With an experienced and tactful attorney on your side, you can get the full payments and compensation that are owed to you. In fact, numerous plaintiffs have been awarded claims in relation to bad faith, coverage, water damage, mold, structural damage, and underpayment.

If your insurance company has not lived up to its agreement after you have filed a claim for damages caused by a natural disaster, you should immediately contact Louisiana insurance claims attorneys who have experience in dealing with the underpayment tactics insurance companies sometimes employ. You may have a limited window of opportunity to pursue a claim, so you must take action as soon as possible.

The Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

The sole priority of insurance claims agents is to pay you the least amount of money they can get away with. They have been known to undervalue properties, delay the claims process, and deny legitimate claims. Louisiana insurance claims attorneys are well-aware of these tactics and can resolve your claims in an expedient manner so you can receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

During the most recent natural disaster, Hurricane Isaac, numerous homeowners with flood insurance policies were denied claims, because their insurance companies stated that the damage was solely wind-related. Furthermore, when they tried to pursue a claim with their wind insurance policy, their insurance companies stated that the damage was caused by flooding. Currently, Louisiana insurance claims attorneys are now working on obtaining the funds for which they qualify.

Contact Our Louisiana Insurance Claims Attorneys Immediately

If you or a loved one has suffered property damages from a natural disaster and believe you have been victimized by an unscrupulous insurance provider that has delayed or denied a valid claim, Louisiana insurance claims attorneys can be your advocate and help you receive the compensation you need to rebuild your life. At Attorney Group for Louisiana, our affiliated Louisiana insurance claims attorneys are dedicated to standing up to the unscrupulous business tactics often used by insurance companies. Our affiliated Louisiana insurance claims attorneys are able to enforce your rights and help you receive the compensation you need to begin rebuilding your life after a devastating natural disaster. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.