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Nexplanon Lawsuits in Louisiana

Birth control is important, but you might not realize some of the inherent risk associated with a few of the brands. Nexplanon is one of these such brands. If you have tried Nexplanon and developed a blood clot, then you should call Attorney Group for Louisiana to discuss your rights as a bad drug victim. Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits are becoming increasingly more common and, if you are eligible, you may be able to file. Nexplanon is a newer version of the Implanon birth control method, and is inserted under the arm. The main difference between Nexplanon and Implanon is that Nexplanon contains a substance within it making it easier to see with an x-ray.

The Specifics of Nexplanon

louisiana nexplanon lawsuitsThere are currently 11 million women using birth control inserted under the skin, and it has been approved for use in the United States since 2006. As more women begin to file Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits, it is important to know more about this type of birth control. The process for inserting it is fairly simply, and generally takes less than a minute. It is inserted within the muscles of the arm, while the area is treated with a local anesthetic. It will continue to prevent pregnancy for three years, unless it is removed. Nexplanon also differs from Inplanon that it comes with an easier to use applicator. That makes it easier to providers to correctly insert the rod.


You might have decided to choose this type of birth control because it is remarkably effective, with lower pregnancy rates than tubal sterilization. If you are filing Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits, you might have gotten into this because it is great at preventing pregnancy. It doesn’t require any maintenance or work on the part of the woman. With other types of birth control, you have to remember to take a pill or change a vaginal ring. This is even more effective than many types of IUDs. That can make this birth control option very alluring. However, you might not have known some of the other health risks involved before having Nexplanon inserted.

What the Studies Show

Studies have found that many types of non-oral birth control can increase the risk of a blood clot, and Nexplanon is no exception. Many Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits occur after a blood clot has injured you, and there are several ways that this could happen. Having one of these blood clots can be life threatening, as they can block off veins and cause serious damage to areas of the legs. Another danger you have to worry about is that the blood clot could travel through the body. If it stops in one of your organs, it can lead to a heart attack, stroke or even a pulmonary embolism. That can disable you severely, or even cause death. Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits will address these issues, and attempt to compensate you for your injuries.

Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits often note that Nexplanon increases the risk of blood clots by 40%. While many other forms of birth control can do this, the skin patch and vaginal ring don’t have the quite the same occurrence of blood clots. This type of birth control can lead to some serious and dangerous side effects, and if you’ve been hurt, you should contact Attorney Group for Louisiana.

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If you are considering Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits, it may also be a good idea to learn more about other side effects. Nexplanon can cause weight gain, changes in your menstrual cycle, headaches, and even acne. Those who are wondering if they have a good case for Louisiana Nexplanon lawsuits should call Attorney Group for Louisiana for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your unique case.