Louisiana Lawsuits Regarding Possible Pradaxa Dangers

Louisiana Pradaxa LawsuitsThe blood-thinning drug Pradaxa may be responsible for hundreds of deaths and other medical complications throughout this country. For this reason, people throughout the country are seeking damages, such as those in the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits. Law firms around the country are joining in litigation against the manufacturer of Pradaxa, Boehringer Ingelheim of Germany, including the Louisiana Pradaxa attorneys. As early as 2011, the FDA received more than 500 reports of Pradaxa bleeding injuries.

The National Institute of Health reported there were more than 900 serious adverse events between January 2011 and March 2011 as a result of Pradaxa use, including:

• 120 deaths
• 25 permanent disabilities because of the drug
• 543 hospitalizations
• 505 incidents of hemorrhage or internal bleeding

Since that time, the number of deaths and injuries reported by the FDA have increased.

This drug was originally intended to replace Warfarin and similar drugs, which have been used for years as blood thinners. Warfarin may also cause internal bleeding, but those problems can be countered by administering vitamin K. For Pradaxa patients, there is no similar solution to counter excessive internal bleeding.

Lawyers throughout the country, such as those involved in the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits, are involved in this case on behalf of their clients and their families. However, this is not going to be a class-action suit. This case is going to take a different approach, where all the litigation, including the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits, will be consolidated under the jurisdiction of a small number of judges. Thus, there will be no single class action suit on behalf of the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits.

An initial hearing was carried out on Oct. 3, 2012, ordering a management plan for handling the pending lawsuits, including the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits. The case was handled by the Hon. David R. Herndon, a United States District Judge for the Southern District of Illinois. In his order, the judge established dates for five “bellwether trials” which will allow both sides of the litigation the opportunity to try to predict how future cases may be resolved.

Judge Hendon recently urged both parties to begin negotiations in an attempt to reach a settlement.

The first bellwether trial is slated to begin in August of 2014. Most of the lawsuits are consolidated as part of the Multi-district Litigation (MDL) order where cases from around the country, including the Louisiana Pradaxa lawsuits, are grouped together before one court.


Louisiana Pradaxa Lawsuits- What if I have a claim?

If you or someone you know has been affected by Pradaxa, you could possibly have a claim. At Attorney Group for Louisiana, we understand your situation and want to help. If you need have questions or believe you have a claim, contact Attorney Group for Louisiana to discuss your possible claim for compensation.