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louisiana victoza lawsuit attorneys

Side Effects of Statins: What Every Louisiana Patient Should Know

For patients in Louisiana and other states who suffer from high cholesterol, statins such as Lipitor, Crestor, and others, help reduce cholesterol levels in their blood, which can […]

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Louisiana Lipitor Lawyer Notes Recent Lipitor Lawsuit

On May 13, 2014, a Baton Rouge woman who developed new-onset Type II diabetes allegedly caused by adverse Lipitor side effects filed a Lipitor lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc., […]

louisiana janumet lawsuit attorneys

Louisiana Lipitor Lawsuits: Connection Between Lipitor and Diabetes?

Overview Louisiana Lipitor lawsuits have been filed by women who claim that the drug was the cause of them contracting diabetes. Although some men also report contracting diabetes […]

Louisiana Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Diabetes Danger Discussed by Louisiana Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys

Louisiana Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys Lipitor is a prescription drug that was intended to help cholesterol levels in women. Unfortunately, a recent research study conducted by the University of […]