Louisiana Nexplanon Attorneys

Louisiana Nexplanon Attorneys

Attorney Group for Louisiana has important information for any woman currently using Nexplanon. This progestin-only implant has been linked to a 40% increased risk of blood clots and associated complications. As a part of a nationwide initiative, Louisiana Nexplanon attorneys would like to extend free legal consultation to any woman who may have experienced one or more of these complications.


In the past decade, major drug companies have developed many new methods of administering female hormone therapy, primarily for contraceptive purposes. While it falls under the blanket term of birth control, these contraceptives are also used to regulate hormonal disorders that affect many women not necessarily seeking means of contraception. In consideration of this, Louisiana Nexplanon attorneys are issuing a statement, which advises any woman using the hormone therapy, Nexplanon, of the possible medical risks associated. If you or someone you know has suffered from side effects that will be discussed here while using this birth control, seek legal consultation with the Louisiana Nexplanon attorneys group immediately.

What Is Nexplanon and What Are the Risks?

Nexplanon is a new incarnation of the contraceptive Implanon, developed by Merck and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for distribution within the United States in 2011. Both Implanon and Nexplanon are based on administering elevated levels of synthetic progesterone–called progestin–via a device implanted in the inner upper arm of patients. These are known as progestin-only contraceptives. These work by inhibiting ovulation and increasing the heaviness of the mucus membrane coating the cervix. Hence, sperm that do penetrate the uterus are unlikely to find an egg to fertilize. The primary differences between the these are that Nexplanon comes in a preloaded applicator and also contains barium sulfate, a non-toxic substance that renders the applicator radio-opaque; healthcare providers can then easily locate the applicator via x-ray scans.

Attorney Group for Louisiana stresses that both Nexplanon and Implanon pose the same benefits and risks to women. These include a 40% increased risk of blood clots. While clotting is a natural and necessary function of the body , dangers that accompany clotting at sites where no injury has occurred can cause major damage to blood vessel walls and surrounding tissues. If these clots are dislodged, they then travel through the bloodstream and can enter any major organs–such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart or brain–causing organ damage, failure, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, ischemic stroke, disability, and possibly death. You should contact Louisiana Nexplanon Attorneys immediately for a free consultation to discuss your situation if you take Nexplanon and have suffered any of these difficulties.

Possible Side Effects

Attorney Group for Louisiana is part of a national effort to inform and protect impacted consumers. Based on the findings of a long-range Danish study of contraceptives, you should be alerted to the warning signs of these possible risks. From 2001-2010, women between the ages of 15 and 49 who were not pregnant and had no history of clotting or cancer were studied. The only non-oral contraceptive that did not result in an increased associative risk of clotting or complications was the inter uterine device (IUD). Thrombosis occurred frequently and severely. All non-oral hormone based contraceptive treatments may present complications, with some or all of the following symptoms:

  • acne
  • abdominal pain
  • abnormal or unpredictable menses
  • aberrant venous clotting
  • headaches
  • weight gain
  • breast tenderness or pain
  • moodiness or depression

Contact Louisiana Nexplanon Attorneys

If you or someone you know is currently or has experienced any of these symptoms in conjunction with the use of Nexplanon, contact Attorney Group for Louisiana immediately and take action to seek possible compensation for your suffering. We can answer any questions you may have, discuss your legal options, and connect you with Louisiana Nexplanon Attorneys that can handle your case, all at no cost to you. So contact Attorney Group for Louisiana today for your free consultation.