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Wright Conserve Hip System

Because the hip joint allows the legs to perform a variety of movements and reinforces the body’s center of gravity, it is very important for hips to function properly; therefore, when a person requires a hip implant, it is crucial that the implant works efficiently to improve quality of life. In 2009, the Wright Conserve Hip System was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a metal on metal resurfacing hip system. This differs from a total hip replacement because just the surface on the ball of the femoral head is replaced with the resurfacing component. The Wright Conserve Hip Resurfacing System consists of a hollow cobalt and chrome metal cap that fits over the femur head with a metal cup that is placed inside the pelvis socket replacing the hip joint while removing minimal amounts of bone when compared to a complete hip replacement. However, like other metal on metal hip replacement systems, many complications have been reported with this metal on metal hip resurfacing system. If you have suffered injuries because of a faulty hip replacement system, contact Louisiana Attorney Group so we can have you speak with our experienced Louisiana Wright Conserve Attorneys.

Complications with Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Systems

Because proper functioning of the hips is essential in allowing one to walk without difficulties, it can be lifestyle limiting when you are suffering hip implant complications. Our member hip replacement attorneys want to help you begin your recovery by getting you the fair financial settlement you may be entitled to in order to cover such expenses as medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation treatments and expenses associated with possible future reconstructive surgeries. Common complications being reported from recipients of a Wright Conserve Hip Replacement System include:

Louisiana Wright Conserve Attorneys
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  • Migration and/or loosening of the device
  • Fractures of the femoral neck
  • Infections
  • Dislocations
  • Metal toxicity
  • Impingement of nerves
  • Trochanteric fractures, bone breaks of the upper thigh

One of the biggest concerning complications with metal on metal hip replacement systems is metal poisoning, or metallosis, which occurs when metal parts rub together with other metal parts shedding metal debris and getting into the bloodstream and tissue. Metallosis can cause osteolysis, necrosis of tissue, pseudotumors, thyroid problems, cognitive impairment, heart muscle weakness and many other serious complications.

Louisiana Wright Conserve Attorneys

Many recipients of metal on metal hip implant systems have tested for high levels of metal in their bloodstream, which can lead to serious complications. If you are suffering health issues due to a defective hip implant or are concerned about future health issues arising after a hip implant surgery, our affiliated Louisiana Wright Conserve Attorneys want to help protect your rights.