Drunk Driver Accidents

It is devastating and certainly unfair if your life or your loved ones lives have been permanently altered because of the irresponsible actions of a drunk driver. Each year, almost 500,000 people in America are injured in a drunk driving accident and an estimated 17,000 are killed. To have a successful lawsuit against drunk drivers, it must be proven that the driver was legally intoxicated when the accident happened. You will need to contact a drunk driving attorney as soon as possible following the accident so evidence can be preserved. Louisiana Attorney Group can match you with an experienced drunk driving attorney to begin a thorough investigation of your accident.

These types of cases are often time sensitive so it is very important that you speak to a drunk driving attorney as soon as possible after the accident to increase the chance of success. Our affiliated drunk driving lawyers will start investigating your case by collecting data from police reports and talking with any witnesses to put together a successful case to prove who was responsible for your accident.

drunk driving accident lawyers

Damages That May Be Claimed in DUI Accidents

Following a drunk driving accident, you may qualify to recover compensation for injuries suffered among other expenses that are not covered by insurance. You could also possibly receive punitive damages with the intent to punish the driver who is responsible for your injuries. Our member drunk driving attorneys will help you figure out what damages may be applicable to your case. Common damages that may be collected include monetary compensation for property damage, medical bills, current and future wages lost, and pain and suffering. And in the devastating event that the accident resulted in death, wrongful death claims can recover compensation for loss of income and companionship by the victim’s family members. It is also possible to recover damages from a business if it is determined that the drunk driver got behind the wheel after consuming alcohol at a restaurant, bar or other facility that served alcohol.

Louisiana Drunk Driving Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been involved in a drunk driving accident and suffered injuries, our affiliated drunk driving lawyers want to help you and your family seek the justice and compensation you deserve for your injuries from a drunk driving accident. Contact us at Louisiana Attorney Group so we can match you with our experienced member attorneys to help you recover from your accident.