Louisiana DUI Attorneys

DWI-DUI Defense

Driving drunk is a serious offense, especially when someone suffers an injury or is killed from an accident involving an intoxicated driver. If you face charges for a DWI/DUI, you should contact a Louisiana DUI Attorney immediately. There are strict laws and penalties associated with driving motor vehicles while intoxicated and you will need an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer on your side from the start who can help you deal with such a complex area of law. Every element of the offense of the DWI/DUI must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the state to find a guilty verdict. You have important Constitutional rights that cannot have been violated. There are many ways to defend a DWI/DUI charge and an experienced DWI/DUI attorney will have the knowledge to successfully do so.

When you contact us at Louisiana Attorney Group, we will match you with a qualified defense attorney to handle your defense against DWI/DUI charges. Our member DWI/DUI attorneys will thoroughly investigate all issues relating to your case such as whether or not you were reasonably stopped, if you were arrested at a checkpoint, the blood or breath tests you might have undergone, and any field sobriety tests that were done before your arrest.

Louisiana DUI Attorneys

Consequences of a DWI/DUI

DWI/DUI cases can be challenging and time consuming. You will need help from accomplished DWI/DUI attorneys regardless if you are facing charges for your first, second or third DWI/DUI offense. When our affiliated defense attorneys take on a DWI/DUI case, they do so with every intent of getting their clients the best possible outcomes. If you are facing a DWI/DUI charge, the stakes are very high. You may face the loss of driving privileges with a suspended or revoked license, extremely expensive fines, restitution, jail time or community service, treatments for substance abuse and a criminal record. It is advised that you not accept a DWI/DUI conviction without getting help from an experienced DWI/DUI defense attorney.

In addition to those penalties, your reputation as well as your career could be negatively affected with consequences that could last a lifetime. It is crucial that you seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible to discuss your options. Contact Louisiana Attorney Group so we can get you matched up with the necessary legal representation you will need to have a successful outcome. Our member attorneys will carefully investigate every aspect of your case to defend your DWI/DUI charge.