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The railway system is relied upon by Americans to deliver products daily. Trains are still used by many for transportation. Although most passengers and products arrive safely at their destination, railroad accidents do happen and can cause devastating injuries and even death. Railroad workers are not covered by laws of workers’ compensation, rather they are covered by the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) since Congress passed it in 1908. The FELA was passed to provide protection to railroad workers against negligence and exploitation by employers. When railroad workers are injured on the job, they can file an injury claim against their employers for specific and occupational injuries such as injuries to the rotator cuff and shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, back, hip, and extremity injuries, injury to the lungs from exposure to elements like dust and asbestosis, and injury from toxic chemical exposure like welding fumes.

The FELA makes sure that when a railroad worker is injured on the job they can receive rightful compensation to cover their injuries. Railroad workers have to prove that they received injuries as a direct result of negligence by their employer. When devastating effects from a railroad accident occur, Louisiana Attorney Group can match you with FELA lawyers who can help victims prove employer negligence so they can recover rightful compensation for their injuries. Injured railroad workers can recover damages under FELA such as other medical bills not covered by railroad’s insurance, future medical expenses, wages lost, pain and suffering and possible loss of enjoyment in life. Even though FELA is there to protect injured railroad workers, most railroad companies will use powerful legal representation to try to avoid responsibilities. This is why you will need skilled legal representation on your side.

Louisiana Railroad Accident Attorneys

It can often be intimidating facing the possible challenge of fighting a major railroad company. Our affiliated railroad accident attorneys have the experience, skills and resources needed to make sure that all parties who are at fault are held accountable for all negligent actions. They can use their skills to build a case on many factors such as the following:

  • Speeding illegally

    FELA Lawyers
  • Crossing guards or crossing lights that are defective
  • Poor maintenance of a railroad crossing
  • Fatigue of the conductor or railroad crew
  • Not sounding the warning horn

Contact us at Louisiana Attorney Group so we can match you with experienced member railroad accident lawyers to protect your rights as a victim of a railroad accident.