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Insurance Claims

If you have submitted a claim to your insurance company and they have refused to pay it or only offered minimal compensation, you have come to the right place. To successfully fight insurance companies, you will need experienced insurance claim lawyers on your side. Our affiliated auto accident insurance lawyers can effectively handle claims against insurance companies when they fail to pay their policyholders a fair amount of compensation or unjustly deny a claim. The reason you have insurance is to insure financial protection in case an emergency happens or an unforeseen event occurs. When you make your monthly insurance payments, you have the right to receive fair compensation for your losses and your insurance company’s responsibility is to provide fair coverage for your damages. Unfortunately, many times insurance companies will try to pay you a lower than fair amount or make unnecessary and frustrating delays causing you to deal with the possibility of financial difficulties, further risks of injuries, added stress, additional paperwork, inability to pay your bills, and pain and suffering.

If you have submitted an insurance claim and it has been denied or you believe your insurance company is practicing bad faith insurance or fraud, contact Louisiana Attorney Group so we can match you with an experienced insurance lawyer to help with your claim.

car insurance claims lawyers

Car Insurance Claims

As an insurance policyholder, your insurance company is responsible for covering repair expenses following an auto accident. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for insurance companies to claim minimal vehicle damage as per an auto body shop who insurance companies have a relationship with. It is your right to get your damaged car appraised by independent mechanics. If your vehicle is totaled, it is also your right to receive coverage for a rental car for a reasonable length of time. Insurance law is in place to make sure insurance companies use good faith to pay claims promptly, properly and willingly. Insurance companies are under the obligation to pay legitimate claims and if they do not, they are practicing bad faith.

Louisiana Insurance Claims Lawyerss

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and are experiencing trouble with your insurance company, contact us at Louisiana Attorney Group so that we can match you with our affiliated auto accident insurance attorneys who will pursue a fair settlement for your repair claim and ensure protection of your policy rights.