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Bicycle riding can be one of the most enjoyable kinds of exercise or family recreation until an accident happens causing serious injuries and even death. Many bicycle accidents are caused by violations with right-of-way when a motor vehicle does not yield to a bicycle rider. While most accidents involving bicyclists are not intentional, they are often a result of driver’s negligence in making a turn before looking. Bicyclists have the same rights on the road as motorists and often times this is forgotten or ignored. If you have suffered injuries from a bicycle accident or lost a loved one in a bicycle crash, you have the right to seek experienced legal representation and just compensation. Louisiana Attorney Group can match you with the highest quality Louisiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers to protect your rights as a victim of a bicycle accident.

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Any kind of impact of a bike with a motor vehicle can result in serious consequences for a bicyclist. Even when involved in low speed accidents, severe trauma to the back, neck and head are common injuries. When high speed accidents occur, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, compound fractures and death are common results. If you have suffered injuries because of a bicycle accident, we are here to help you secure financial compensation to cover your accident related expenses. Our affiliated Louisiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers will provide thorough investigations to the surrounding circumstances of your accident to determine who was at fault and will go after those responsible to win you rightful compensation to help you recover damages.

Louisiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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Cyclists must also follow traffic laws while being aware of possible dangerous situations, but even the most careful cyclists are still at risk because cyclists are harder to spot than motor vehicles. Because bicyclists are normally the more injured party in a bicycle crash with a motor vehicle, they are at a disadvantage when police obtain statements from the driver of the vehicle first while injured bicyclists are being treated by medics or taken to the hospital. This is a possible reason why it has been noted that many police reports are biased against bicyclists whereas if a bike rider was only partially responsible for the accident, police reports state them to be 100 percent responsible. For these reasons, investigation of bicycle crashes can be more complex than motor on motor vehicle accidents and why it is beneficial to have experienced Louisiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers on your side to protect your rights.