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Child-Infant Injury

If your infant or child has suffered injuries because of the negligence of someone else, you should speak with an experienced child injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our affiliated Louisiana Birth Injuries Lawyers at Louisiana Attorney Group have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully represent your family in your child injury case. The goal of our member child injury lawyers is to obtain maximum compensation for clients so they can move forward with their lives following infant or child injuries. We understand the heartbreaking tragedy involving serious infant or child injuries at the fault of someone else. We want you to know and understand your legal rights and the options that are available when your infant or child has been hurt. Contact Louisiana Attorney Group today so we can match you with experienced Louisiana Birth Injuries Lawyers who know how to fight for your rights.

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Common Child and Infant Injuries

There are many ways in which your child may have been injured that could result in a child injury case to include the following:

  • If there was negligence by a physician or other medical staff during childbirth, a medical malpractice case could arise.
  • If a child was hurt in a slip and fall accident because a property owner failed to fix or maintain their property, there could be a premises liability claim.
  • An injury from a dangerous child’s product such as a baby crib, car seat or infant seat, toys, a playpen, or stroller could mean a defective product case.
  • If an infant or child died because of someone else’s negligence, a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed.

Although children and infants can sustain injuries anywhere, common places where injuries to a child or infant may occur could include:

  • Nursery schools
  • Day care facilities
  • School buses
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Summer camps
  • Play areas designed for children, such as at shopping malls or restaurants
  • Summer camps

Louisiana Birth Injuries Lawyers

Infant and child injuries requires skilled legal representation and our member child injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to help your family get the justice and rightful compensation you deserve. If your infant suffered injury during childbirth because the medical staff was negligent, our Louisiana Birth Injuries Lawyers are here to help. If your child was hurt because of someone else’s negligence, our child injury lawyers are ready to speak with you today to discuss your legal options and help protect vulnerable children.