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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles continue to be a popular form of transportation and recreation for many Americans who enjoy traveling the roads in the open air. Unfortunately, due to the lack of solid barriers between a rider and the ground or other vehicles, injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents can be devastatingly traumatic. Due to poor weather and road conditions, operator error or negligent behavior from other drivers of motor vehicles, motorcycle accidents continue to happen. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident at the fault of someone else, our experienced affiliated Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys are here to help protect your rights. Contact Louisiana Attorney Group so that we can get you set up with skilled motorcycle accident lawyers.

Types of Accidents

Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys

The risks for injuries are greater on motorcycles not only because they have less protective barriers, but also because two wheels are less stable than a four wheeled vehicle and when a motorcycle hits defects in the road such as potholes, riders are more likely to lose control and serious accidents can occur. This is even more so the case when traveling at high speeds. Typically, there are two types of motorcycle accidents. One is the case of negligence where another party acted in a negligent manner and did not take standard care to protect others from harm and that negligent behavior resulted in injuries to another person. The second type of case involved in motorcycle accidents is a products liability case when defects in design or manufacturing of the motorcycle poses dangerous risk of injury to its users along with others who may be in contact with the defective product.

Finding Fault – Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys

Negligence means failing to exert enough care within the given circumstances to provide safety to others for which any reasonably sensible person would in similar circumstances. Negligence can mean performing an act that a reasonably sensible individual would not do, or the failure to perform an act that a reasonably sensible individual would normally do under the same circumstances. To prove another was at fault for the accident, it must be proven that the other party was negligent and that negligence was the cause of the accident. Therefore, if it is proven that the motorcycle accident was a result of someone else’s negligence or because of a defective product, responsible parties should be held liable for your injuries and our affiliated Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys will protect your rights as a victim and fight to obtain financial compensation to help you recover.