Louisiana Trucking Accident Lawyers

Some of the most devastatingly dangerous motor vehicle accidents involve semi-trucks. Because of their massive size in weight and length, they can pose far more dangers than average sized vehicles. Semi-trucks are harder to maneuver, have major blind spots, also called “no zones” and can outweigh passenger cars by 20 to 40 times when fully loaded. Added to their size, they are often carrying freight that can pose additional dangers if they are toxic or flammable liquids that spill onto the road or when the fallen cargo causes more accidents to oncoming traffic swerving to miss the debris. If you or someone you love is injured in a semi-truck accident, it is very important to choose a trucking accident attorney who has experience in successfully handling semi-truck accident claims. After discussing your case, experienced Louisiana Trucking Accident Lawyers can determine if you qualify to win monetary compensation for your injuries resulting from a truck accident.

Louisiana Trucking Accident Lawyers

A jackknife semi-truck accident is one of the most common ways in which a trucking accident happens. This happens when the brake is hit suddenly by the truck driver stopping the cab while the trailer is still moving, skidding and swinging out to form a 90 degree angle to the cab of the truck. If a jackknife accident happens with much speed, the whole truck can flip, rollover and create an even bigger area of danger surrounding the truck.
A second type of truck accident is the carriage under ride accident. This happens when a passenger vehicle gets caught beneath the undercarriage of the truck crushing the vehicle and often causing horrific tragedies to its passengers when the top of the vehicle gets ripped off crushing or even decapitating passengers. And a third type of truck accident is a rollover accident. While rollover accidents are quite common in most all vehicles, when a semi-truck rolls over they can flatten anything in its path due to its massive size and weight.

Regulations of Semi-Trucks

When semi-trucks are fully loaded and weigh up to 40 times more than the average car, even minor mistakes can cause deadly accidents. Studies show that over 95 percent of the time when a semi-truck accident happens, the ones that suffer the most injuries or even die are the occupants of the other vehicles involved. There are many regulations in place to govern semi-trucks and their drivers, such as weight limitations, who is allowed to drive the truck, the amount of hours a driver can operate the truck before requiring rest and the particular types of training, but still too often accidents happen leaving victims with devastating and life altering injuries. Louisiana Trucking Accident Lawyers should evaluate a person’s injury, his or her medical costs, and his or her pain. When these regulations are violated by trucking companies or truck operators and you become the victim of a semi-truck accident, contact Louisiana Attorney Group so we can match you with experienced Louisiana Trucking Accident Lawyers to seek compensation and justice for your pain and suffering.

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