About Us

Changing the way you find a Lawyer
Founded by Anthony Johnson and Andrew Vines, partners in the law firm of Johnson & Vines, PLLC, the American Injury Attorney Group represents the synthesis of Mr. Johnson’s background in computer engineering and website development, including recognition by the American Bar Association in 2012 as one of America’s “Techiest” Lawyers, with Mr. Vines’ over 15 years experience as a trial lawyer, during which time he primarily defended personal injury cases and observed that the quality of an injured party’s representation often had a direct impact on the outcome of that party’s case (for better or worse).

Recognizing that small law firms sometimes lack the experience or resources to successfully manage significant personal injury cases, and especially larger mass tort cases, Johnson & Vines seek to build through the American Injury Attorney Group a network of law firms that help clients by associating them with qualified and experienced attorneys that can enhance the legal team behind each case, as well as clients’ confidence that their cases will be handled effectively. Associated attorneys are sought from a location near the client, except when better representation might be obtained from a lawyer in another location.

Efforts are made to confirm the professional ability of each affiliated lawyer and law firm that the American Injury Attorney Group works with, consistent with the goal of facilitating the best outcome for each case, and it is intended that each case be handled from beginning to end in conformity with the highest ethical standards and all applicable rules of professional responsibility.

Whether you are an injured party looking for information about your claim or representation, or an attorney seeking to associate qualified and experience counsel for your case, contact the American Injury Attorney Group today. All initial consultations are free, confidential and without obligation. All cases are handled on a contingency fee, meaning that the client pays nothing out-of-pocket and fees or costs are charged only if a recovery is made on the client’s behalf.