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Man | New Jersey Nexium Lawyer

Drug Makers Allegedly Concealed Serious Risks Associated with Nexium

A New Jersey Nexium lawyer notes a lawsuit alleging that the makers of certain proton pump inhibitors, such as Nexium, concealed the dangerous risks associated with the medications. […]

Wrecked Car | New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

Two Injured and One Dead After Driver Reportedly Fled Scene

A New Jersey car accident lawyer notes that charges could be filed against one or more motorists following a deadly two-car crash that sent three people to the […]

Courthouse Steps | New Jersey IVC Filter Lawyer

IVC Filter Lawsuits Still Pending as Bellwether Trials Set for 2017

A New Jersey IVC Filter Lawyer notes that a district judge has chosen the Cook Medical inferior vena cava (IVC) filter lawsuit that will serve as the first […]

Pills in Bottles | New Jersey Levaquin Lawyer

Lawsuit: Antibiotic Levaquin Linked to Severe Nerve Damage

A New Jersey Levaquin lawyer notes that the antibiotic prescription medication Levaquin may lead to cell damage, neurodegenerative side effects and other problems. Claimed efforts to cover up […]

Gavel | New Jersey Benicar Lawyer

Benicar Trials Scheduled for Federal Court in New Jersey

A New Jersey Benicar lawyer notes that upcoming bellwether trials in New Jersey are focusing on allegations that the blood pressure medication caused severe stomach issues. Affected patients […]

Skull X-Ray | Brain with a band aid | New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyer

Questions Surround NFL’s Brain Injury Study Donation

A New Jersey brain injury lawyer notes that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has a policy stating it won’t be influenced in its decisions regarding what researchers […]