Fatal Auto Accidents in Oklahoma

Fatal auto accidents in Oklahoma are more common than most drivers realize. Most people fear flying in planes, riding on trains or sailing on ships. Far fewer people are equally afraid of driving in their car. Being killed a car accident is now the leading cause of death for children over five and young adults. Car fatalities are so rampant across the US that in 2009 four people died of car accident injuries every hour, every day, all day long. Your chances of being in a fatal car accident also seem to vary by state, and Oklahoma reaches the top ten list of most dangerous states to drive in. This information as well as even more valuable information can be found at this source.

Just How Dangerous are Oklahoma Roads?

The state’s government office provides detailed and comprehensive statistics on fatal auto accidents in Oklahoma. In total, there were 70,669 reported crashes in 2012, and 642 of those were fatal crashes, meaning that at least one person involved in the crash died either on scene or later due to injuries. A total of 708 people died as a result of those crashes. These numbers are also going up. The total number of crashes increased 2.47 percent from 2011, and the total number of fatal crashes rose 5.42 percent, and the number of individual fatalities rose 1.72 percent.

Oklahoma has always been a rather dangerous state to drive in, but people thought it might be improving. The number of fatalities in the state peaked back in 2005 at a total of 800 deaths. That number showed a steady decline until 2010 when it started increasing again. This trend is also true across most of the United States, even in states with far fewer fatalities.

When am I Most Likely to Have a Crash?

When it comes to being involved in fatal auto accidents in Oklahoma, time seems to be a major factor. The majority of crashes happen in the months of March and May, and far fewer accidents happen in January and July. Drivers should also beware the weekend parties. The most dangerous day of the week to drive is officially Saturday, with the most fatal auto accidents in Oklahoma happening on that day. The time of day doesn’t really matter, but interestingly, the majority these accidents involve only one vehicle.

The Cost of Fatal Auto Accidents in Oklahoma

Nationally, $170 billion was either spent on medical costs for fatal car accidents or lost due to decreases in work or productivity. Auto accident deaths are expensive for the nation. On average a car accident fatality costs the economy $1,420,000, and a seriously disabling injury costs $78,700 per person. That means that fatal auto accidents in Oklahoma alone cost the economy over $1 billion dollars, and that doesn’t take into account the cost of non-fatal accidents.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for an Auto Accident?

Victims should not have to solely bear the financial burden when injured or killed in an auto accident, which is why hiring a personal injury attorney is important. There can be many factors to a personal injury case that include the actual cost of the accident, and many related expenses that individuals may not consider at the time. When lost wages, extended physical therapy and possible longer-term repercussions set in, the cost of the actual accident may seem minor. A personal injury attorney affiliated with Attorney Group for Oklahoma provides an opportunity to lessen the financial blow to the victim. They deal with insurance companies or possible lawsuits, allowing families to focus on recovery. Attorney Group for Oklahoma can answer basic legal questions and put clients in touch with a personal injury attorney to handle their case, all at no upfront to the client. So contact Attorney Group for Oklahoma today to get your questions answered.