Oklahoma Blitz Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

Oklahoma Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

Nearly everyone is familiar with a red portable gas can. They are kept in our garages and sheds and are used to store fuel for our lawn mowers, generators, among other small tools and equipment commonly used around our homes and work. These portable gas containers are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at many stores. Unfortunately though, several of these gas cans pose a serious danger that could simply be prevented. Exploding gas containers have hurt and killed many people through the years, thus, prompting civil litigation to follow such accidents. Following investigations and government as well as independent research studies, it has been discovered that equipping a flame arrestor on a gas can greatly decreases the chance of igniting gas cans. A flame arrestor is a small piece of wire mesh that fits in the spout of the gas container and helps prevents open flames from getting into the gas can through the spout, which can ignite vapors and fluid inside the can. The cost of this safety feature is only a few cents, yet Blitz Gas cans do not come equipped with them. This simple and inexpensive piece of mesh is all that is needed to reduce the dangerous risk of these kinds of explosions.

It is unfortunate that even following additional research and negative publicity on the issue of exploding gas cans, manufacturers continued to not equip their products with the inexpensive flame arrestors that could prevent so many devastating accidents. Blitz USA, once a top producer of gas containers, has been under scrutiny for several cases involving the accidents with exploding gas cans without flame arrestors. In many of those cases it was shown that Blitz USA simply decided not to spend the little extra cost of equipping their gas cans with the cheap flame arrestors in order to keep costs down while increasing their profits. It is extremely disheartening to know that making increased profits are far more important than sparring innocent victims horrific burn injuries and even death due to the lack of a simple safety feature because it costs a few extra cents.

Oklahoma Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and costly injuries a victim can suffer. If you or a loved one has suffered from burn injuries due to a Blitz gas can explosion, contact Oklahoma Attorney Group today to discuss your case. We will match you with our member Oklahoma Blitz Gas Can Lawyers who can stand up for your rights and hold accountable those who are responsible for your injuries.