Oklahoma Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys

Oklahoma Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys

Using a lawn mower is not usually seen as a dangerous activity, but sometimes hidden dangers within a product design can result in devastating injuries or even fatal accidents. The dangers in design could include defects in stability that cause dangerous rollovers, which often cause traumatic injuries including paralysis, head trauma, and even death. There are also particular dangers because of the lack of proper blade protection, which leads to injuries that could have been prevented. By working with engineering and safety experts to examine lawn mower rollover accidents, our member Oklahoma lawn mower accident attorneys can figure out if the product was defective. If you or someone you care about were hurt while using a lawn mower, you should discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You could have a product liability suit against the lawn mower company that could entitle you to full recovery of any financial and other damages you have suffered. Contact Oklahoma Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys at Oklahoma Attorney Group to learn more. We will match you with qualified member lawn mower accident attorneys who represent clients throughout Oklahoma.

Lawn Mower Injuries Caused By Design Defects

Lawn mowers may have defects in design due to missing rollover protection systems, ROPS, or due to flaws with stability. Rollover protection systems are particularly important when lawn mowers are prone to easily tipping and rolling over. When the ROPS is either defective or missing, the injuries suffered in a rollover accident can be permanently life-altering and may involve serious head trauma, debilitating injuries to the spinal cord, paralysis or even death. Manufacturers of lawn mowers are required to equip their machines with blade protection to help protect consumers from severe lacerations and loss of limbs, toes or fingers or amputations Unfortunately, these protection methods sometimes fail. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries while using a lawn mower, contact Oklahoma Attorney Group so that our affiliated Oklahoma Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys can seek a product liability claim that may exist.

Oklahoma Attorneys Providing Aggressive Representation

Our affiliated Oklahoma Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys are experienced in successfully handling cases against companies and other sophisticated attorneys, and their experience can help protect your rights and seek the fair compensation you are entitled to. They are dedicated to providing you with aggressive legal representation and personalized attention so you can get the information and answers you need.