Oklahoma Androgel Testosterone Attorneys

Oklahoma Androgel Testosterone AttorneysOklahoma Androgel Testosterone Attorneys

The topical medication Androgel is used as a replacement therapy for low testosterone medical conditions. A testosterone cream is used topically with several critical warnings for its particular use. Side effects have been noted with the use of Androgel. There have been several lawsuits filed against the topical solution manufacturer because of the excessive problems that a significant number of male patients have experienced with this replacement therapy. If you or someone you love has been injured after using a testosterone therapy cream or coming into contact with the medication, the Oklahoma Androgel testosterone attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Oklahoma are here to help with your health claim.

Cases Involving Androgel

There are certain conditions that have been treated with Androgel testosterone replacement therapies. These medical conditions are referred to as low levels of testosterone, or low t, for example. This type of medical condition includes an overall low level of energy and other significant symptoms. Scientific studies have indicated that over five million men in the U.S. have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels.

Methods of Therapy and Possible Side Effects Treatments for low testosterone include the following three possible methods:

  • Injections can be used for treatment, and these injections are given every few weeks depending on patient hormone levels.
  • Implantable pellets may be placed under the skin. These pellets slowly release a certain level of testosterone into the body.
  • Topical gels may be used. These topical gels including Androgel are placed on the skin daily. Testosterone gels are absorbed quickly by the body. There is a critical warning that alerts women and children not to come into contact with these medications. Women and children may experience serious adverse effects.

Problems with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The male body shuts down its own production of testosterone after it receives an outside source of this hormone. Androgel is considered a replacement therapy and not a supplement. Patients should be carefully monitored when taking this type of medication. There have been several lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of Androgel because of significant medical problems that have occurred after using this consumer and public product. Statistics have indicated that there have been significant side effects that include the following patient events:

  • Patients who have used Androgel on a continual basis have experienced urinary tract problems.
  • There have been reduced sperm count incidents that are beyond a normal level of aging.
  • Patients have experienced a thickening of the blood that is significant and health threatening.
  • There have been incidents of a prostate specific antigen and a possible protein link to cancer.

Lawsuit Settlements and Oklahoma Androgel Testosterone Attorneys

There are several outcomes that may arise from a lawsuit against a topical cream manufacturer. Most of these cases are a part of a mass tort or class action lawsuit filed on behalf of many clients who have experienced adverse effects from Androgel testosterone gel. Oklahoma Androgel testosterone attorneys are available to review your case.

Oklahoma Androgel Testosterone Attorneys

A personal injury case that is filed independently for a client will need the following factors included:

  • A personal injury case that is not a part of a class action or mass tort filing will need its own documentation.
  • The Androgel patient will need to provide a comprehensive file about the Androgel treatment and the causal effects.
  • These defective product cases have their own statutes of limitations and their own periods of time to pursue a claim. These deadlines cannot be missed.
  • There will need to be proof for the causal damage of Androgel and the current patient’s condition. Make sure to speak with your health care provider if you have experienced serious health problems after taking this or any medication.

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