Oklahoma Apex Arc Hip System Attorney

Oklahoma Apex Arc Hip SystemIn June 2014, OMNI Life Science, a subsidiary of Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc., faced a lawsuit from a Florida woman for damages related to her Apex ARC hip replacement system. The doctor for the patient claimed the patient’s Apex ARC hip system, with its chromium and cobalt ball connected modularly to a titanium stem, caused her to experience a pseudo necrotic and fibrotic tumor in the hip area. Other adverse results of using this product were unexpected corrective procedures and dangerous buildup of the metals chromium, cobalt, and titanium in her blood, according to the June complaint. This metal-on-metal design is reportedly similar to modular hips marketed by DePuy, Stryker, and other manufacturers, which are also involved in recent lawsuits.

The OMNI Apex Arc Hip System consists of a metal ball joint that fits seamlessly into a titanium stem. Both components contain metals that can be toxic if they are permitted to build up in the human blood stream. In the wrong amounts, these toxic metals can be fatal. In the OMNI Apex Arc Hip System, when the femoral neck and head are joined together by the surgeon, they form a metal-on-metal combination.

In a successful hip replacement, a patient should be able to achieve a better quality of life. An artificial hip is supposed provide the same functions as a natural hip, allowing the patient to walk, stand, bend, sit, and perform other basic actions associated with everyday life. If a modular hip implant does not function as intended, as stated in the June 2014 Apex Arc hip system lawsuit, the artificial hip can cause many problems. Some of the problems associated with a metal-on-metal hip with design flaws are pain, toxic metal accumulation, the need to undergo further surgeries, deterioration, loosening, and/or dislocation of the hip joint, swelling, and inflammation. These kinds of symptoms can cause patients to suffer excessively.

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