Oklahoma Lipitor Lawyer Discusses Lipitor Side Effects

Oklahoma Lipitor LawyerPatients in Oklahoma and across the country are filing lawsuits against pharmaceutical company Pfizer, claiming serious illness such as Type II Diabetes after taking the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor.

Besides many credible research findings that consistently indicate a connection between Lipitor and increased risk of diabetes, some studies have suggested a correlation between anti-cholesterol medications and kidney damage, muscular atrophy, liver damage, memory loss and death.

Lipitor Lawsuits

Lipitor is the trade name for atorvastatin, a man-made chemical classified as a “statin” that was developed to prevent heart disease and strokes by decreasing bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream that can clog arteries with fat and cellular debris.

Many medical experts believe Lipitor’s interference with liver enzyme cholesterol production may cause systemic glandular dysfunction.  This in turn may cause overall hormonal imbalance like pancreatic secretion of insulin that plays a key role in metabolizing dietary sugar intake.

However the exact cause(s) operate, research has shown an unacceptably high risk of developing diabetes from using statins, especially for women between ages 50 who take daily doses.  According to University of Massachusetts research results published in 2012, postmenopausal females face a 50 percent greater likelihood of developing new-onset Type II diabetes than postmenopausal women who take no statins.

Despite alleged knowledge of a correlation between serious health risks and Lipitor use that was established as early as the late 1990s, Pfizer continued intense mass marketing of Lipitor without affixed package labeling to warn consumers.  The FDA requested in late 2011 to update product labels for full disclosure on all potentially severe Lipitor side effects, including life-threatening Type II diabetes complications, but the label did not change to reflect this request, lawsuits claim.

Injured? Seek Help from an Oklahoma Lipitor Lawyer

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