Oklahoma Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Oklahoma Stryker Hip Lawsuit UpdateOklahoma Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Oklahoma is a state in which many individuals of all ages enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds. In order to do so, many older Oklahoma citizens undergo procedures such as hip replacements that can add years of activity and enjoyment to their lives. And while devices such as hip replacements can in many cases be highly beneficial, some people in Oklahoma and across the United States have reportedly encountered serious problems with certain devices. Specifically, major medical issues have plagued those using the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABGII hip implants. Two years ago, after an initial wave of Stryker hip lawsuit filings, the company issued a recall for the two hip implants. After the recall, many individuals in Oklahoma and across the nation continued to pursue Stryker hip lawsuit filings.

Those who have decided to file Stryker hip lawsuits in Oklahoma and the rest of the nation have experienced a variety of serious health problems allegedly stemming from the Stryker devices. Among the more common issues are pain and swelling caused by corrosion of the metal components of the hip replacements. Additionally, the corrosion of the hip implants sometimes led to metal pieces from the devices infiltrating patients’ bloodstreams and causing metal ion poisoning. One Stryker hip lawsuit also alleged that the metal pieces coming off of the hip implants caused the development of a tumor. Despite all of these Stryker hip lawsuit filings in Oklahoma and elsewhere, few instances of resolution have occurred. The legal process can be complex and time-consuming, and the Stryker hip lawsuit process is reported to be particularly complicated due to the number of claims and the fact that plaintiffs are located not just in one state like Oklahoma but all across the nation.

The complexities of the Stryker hip lawsuit situation were displayed recently when a federal judge overseeing the multidistrict litigation reportedly requested advice from state court judges as to how to efficiently resolve the matters. The judge sought information on the possibilities of coordinating claims between those who had filed in federal court and those who had filed in state courts. Some coordination may be possible due to the fact that wherever plaintiffs are located — be it Oklahoma or any other state — the claims in their Stryker hip lawsuit filings tend to all be very similar. As a result, courts are left facing a massive number of individual lawsuits, but just a small number of types of injury claims present throughout the vast majority of filings.

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Depending upon how cases are consolidated or coordinated, the result for plaintiffs in Oklahoma and other states could possibly be a quicker resolution to the litigation. This would allow plaintiffs to move on with their lives and use the compensation they could possibly receive, to pay for the serious medical costs associated with the alleged Stryker hip implant failures. For information on how you can proceed with your own claim, contact Attorney Group for Oklahoma. We can help answer your questions and help you understand what rights you may have in your individual case. If you decide to file a lawsuit, we can connect you with a Stryker hip recall attorney that will help you seek compensation. Contact us today for your free consultation.