Oklahoma Tire Recalls: Do You Keep Up With Tire Safety?

Oklahoma Tire RecallsAlthough it is important to check a vehicle’s safety features and ratings before making a purchase, it is just as crucial to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained once you have driven it away. For example, while many understand the importance of regular inspections and oil changes, others may not think to check their tires for evidence of wear or damage and may assume that tire tread simply is not important. However, should a tire tread separate from the unit, the result could cause serious and possibly fatal accidents.

Have you or someone you love been involved in a single- or multi-car accident due to a defective tire? You may be entitled to pursue a claim and hold a third party responsible for your injuries and damages. Contact Attorney Group for Oklahoma today for more information about Oklahoma tire recalls and how you can take the first step toward securing compensation for your condition.

The Importance of Staying Proactive

One of the most common causes of Oklahoma tire recalls is the potential for tire treads to separate from the tire and malfunction. While it is crucial to regularly service or maintenance your vehicle, including checking your tires for indications of excessive wear and damage, not all tires will exhibit signs that they are defective prior to a collision.

One of the more recent Oklahoma tire recalls occurred in February 2013 when a line of Hercules tires manufactured in China were the subject of tire separation. Officials reported that Hercules initiated the voluntary recall after the company received reports that the tread could separate from the tires and cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The recalled tires included 10-ply Load Range E units in the company’s Air Trac line. All of the units recalled are mainly used on commercial trucks and are 17 or 16 inches in diameter.

Investigators asserted that, should a tire separate from the tread, the driver’s ability control the truck would be negatively impacted; Hercules has reported at least one collision resulting from this complication. Although the replacement and voluntary recall of the tires is the first step toward ensuring that future accidents do not occur, plaintiffs are filing lawsuits to help cover the vehicular damages they incurred and the injuries they sustained due to the allegedly defective tires prior to its recall in early 2013.

If your tire blows out or your vehicle is hit by another driver who lost control of his car due to a faulty tire, you and the other driver may be entitled to hold the tire retailer, manufacturer or car dealer accountable for the accident. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident and the evidence you have, you may also be entitled to file for pain and suffering, repair costs and vehicular damage, injuries and medical bills and lost income. Contact an attorney today if you have any questions about Oklahoma tire recalls or filing your own claim.

Interested in Filing a Claim or Need Information about Current Oklahoma Tire Recalls?

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