Oklahoma DePuy ASR Hip Recall Attorneys

Oklahoma DePuy ASR Recall Attorneys
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Degenerative hips are extremely painful. When a hip no longer works properly, every step and every movement can be excruciatingly painful. For many years, people had to basically sit and suffer with pain medication only providing little relief while their hips slowly regressed to where they lost all mobility. No one should have to suffer that kind of pain every day, and the continuously growing problem of serious hip complications prompted companies to perform thorough research into new products. DePuy Orthopedics was one company who made an artificial hip joint replacement called the DePuy ASR and it came with promises regarding how long it would last. With its intense marketing campaign and promises, it quickly became popular with surgeons and thousands of patients underwent implantation of the DePuy ASR hip replacement, which seemed to work well – for a short time.

The DePuy ASR was made to be implanted into a patient so that it would serve as a hip replacement. It was designed to seamlessly integrate with the tissue and muscle surrounding the area so that it could work as much as possible like a natural hip. The DePuy ASR was also meant to last for at least 10 years before possibly needing a replacement. Unfortunately, many people have had to undergo replacement surgery far sooner than expected due to complications. Many reports of injuries and complications began to arise with the DePuy ASR hip replacement system after only a few years following approval in 2005 by the FDA. An estimated 12 percent of patients who received the DePuy ASR and reported complications had to undergo corrective surgery within 5 years of the initial implantation. This situation resulted in thousands of lawsuits being filed throughout the United States, and several of them are in active litigation currently.

Oklahoma DePuy ASR Hip Recall Attorneys

Ultimately, after numerous DePuy ASR hip implant complaints and lawsuits were filed, DePuy Orthopedics issued a recall in 2010. Even though this recall likely prevented more injuries from happening, it unfortunately did nothing to help protect the health and comfort of those who were harmed because of receiving this kind of a hip replacement. If you or a loved one has been implanted with the DePuy ASR hip replacement system, you need to contact Oklahoma Attorney Group so we can match you with our member Oklahoma DePuy ASR Hip Recall Attorneys who can help protect your legal rights.

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