Oklahoma Airplane Accident Attorneys

Airplane Accidents


Oklahoma Airplane Accident Attorneys

An airplane crash can be a horrific event leaving severely injured victims and fatalities in its aftermath. If you have been hurt in an airplane accident or you have a loved one who has been killed or hurt in one, call the Oklahoma airplane accident attorneys at Oklahoma Attorney Group for a consultation. Assisted by investigators and well trained staff members, our experienced affiliated attorneys have success in handling complex airplane cases. We understand it takes careful examination and thorough preparation of the surrounding evidence and facts to identify both the causes of an airplane accident and the negligent acts on the part of manufacturers, pilots, air traffic controllers, among others responsible for the accident.

Common Causes of An Airplane Crash

The causes of airplane crashes are numerous and often complex. The manufacturer of an aircraft may have designed or assembled an airplane component negligently. Pilot error could have contributed to or have been the cause of a crash. An airplane mechanic may have negligently failed to locate or correctly fix a faulty part. Sometimes to blame are negligent inspections of the airplane pre-flight or negligent flight plans. Runway incursions such as collisions between taxiing aircraft could be caused by mistakes of ground personnel or an air traffic controller error. Violations of FAA regulations could have happened. With the help of knowledgeable and experienced experts, the member Oklahoma airplane accident attorneys at Oklahoma Attorney Group know how to meticulously sort through the evidence and piece together facts which explain how a crash happened.

According to the federal government, common carriers are commercial jets and propeller airplanes that transport cargo or persons for compensation. The activities of common carriers are governed by federal regulations and laws which usually hold them to a higher standard of care versus private parties who own or operate smaller aircraft. Our affiliated Oklahoma airplane accident attorneys at Oklahoma Attorney Group know the aviation regulations and law that apply in cases that involve both common carriers and private aircraft. They can inform you of the impact that relevant federal regulations and laws may have in your case.

Oklahoma Airplane Accident Attorneys

Our affiliated airplane accident attorneys have experience with the complexities and unique challenges that can be involved with aviation law. A successful outcome in airplane accident litigation requires an understanding of various issues that arise when an airplane accident occurs. Oklahoma Attorney Group’s member attorneys are dedicated to using their extensive experience, knowledge, and resources to obtain adequate and fair monetary compensation for victims of airplane accidents caused at the fault of others.