Oklahoma Insurance Claims Lawyer

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Our insurance claims attorneys in Oklahoma can help you determine whether an insurance company has acted in “good faith and fair dealing”. Contracts between an individual or business who bought the policy and an insurance company are insurance policies. When insurance companies do not pay a claim that falls within the policy terms, the policyholder has the right to file a lawsuit against the insurance company in order to recover their losses. Lawsuits that are successful often result in the insurance company paying the policyholder an amount that equals the terms of the policy.

Oklahoma Insurance Lawyers

In some situations, additional compensation may be paid to cover other losses and damages caused by the breach of the contract and the legal action that became necessary to resolve the dispute. While many firms hesitate to confront large insurance companies, member insurance claims attorneys at Oklahoma Attorney Group have the experience, commitment, and resources to represent clients in these types of cases successfully. With the main focus on what is in the best interests of their clients, our member attorneys diligently work to bring their cases to a favorable outcome by trial or settlement.

Practicing Good Faith

Insurance policies carry an implied obligation of the insurance company to use “good faith and fair dealing” towards its policyholders. The meaning of this obligation is that when a claim is made, the insurance company cannot look for reasons to not pay claims. Instead, they have to make a thorough investigation of each claim and consider all the circumstances and reasons that might support the claim. Some of the tactics used by insurance companies that could lead to legal action being initiated by the policyholder include the following:

  • Delays that are unreasonable in the processing of a claim
  • Refusing to pay a claim or trying to settle with a discounted payment
  • Requiring excessive verification or documentation of a claim
  • Delays that occur because of switching adjusters during the process of a claim
  • Requiring multiple quotes or adjusters
  • Misrepresentation or fraud related to adjustments or appraisals
  • Making the insured resubmit information on a claim
  • Requiring information for already established circumstances
  • Not paying a claim when a judgment is made against a policy

Oklahoma Insurance Claims Attorneys

When insurance companies refuse to pay a claim that is following the terms of a policy, denies claims without proper investigation, or knowingly offers an unfair settlement amount that is significantly less than the claim is worth, they are practicing “bad faith”. If your claim has been denied by an insurance company, contact Oklahoma Attorney Group so our member insurance lawyers can help determine the best course of action to recover a fair compensation.