Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyers

Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury, your lives have changed forever. If you had a mild injury, you may be experiencing irritability, headaches, shaking, fear, personality changes, and memory problems. More severe injuries can add the challenges of muscle tremors, seizures, chronic headache pain, loss of motor abilities, depression, or worse. Regardless how severe your injury is, you likely will need ongoing medical treatments as well as escalating expenses, work challenges, emotional trauma, and more. There can be several different causes of traumatic brain injuries, but the most common being vehicle transportation accidents, assaults, falls, or sports injuries. Brain injuries can sometimes result in loss of life, but more often, the injured victim faces the challenges of adjusting to life with a disability. The challenges of this transition are numerous and difficult, and the member Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyers at Oklahoma Attorney Group understand how complex this situation can be and the tremendous life changes you and your family will face.

Possible Compensation Brain Injury Victims May Be Entitled To

Just as there are several ways someone could sustain a brain injury, there are numerous ways damage to the brain could affect someone’s life. Some people can suffer a brain injury with no symptoms currently of brain damage, but could be in danger of developing symptoms later on after the injury. Others may need a lifetime of continuous medical care and ongoing assistance with daily living needs. Experienced lawyers can help determine the kinds of damages a victim of a severe head injury may be entitled to such as the following:

  • Medical Bills – Ranging from the initial emergency room visit following the head injury to continuous life-support.
  • Pain and Suffering – for any impairments from the brain injury that affects your enjoyment or quality of life, such as incontinence, chronic headaches, or paralysis.
  • Lifestyle Changes – If you have had to give up activities after your head injury that you once enjoyed such as the ability to care for and spend time with your children, take a walk or other normal daily activities.
  • Medical Monitoring – To be on the lookout for any future effects of damage to the brain that could become apparent over time.
  • Lost Income – For the time off work while you were recovering from your head injury.
  • Decrease in Earning Capacity – For the impairment of what you can earn when brain damage limits your work abilities.
  • Future Damages – There very well could be additional problems caused by a brain injury that will arise later on in the future such as depression.
  • Punitive Damages – Are meant to punish the person responsible if that person acted with intent, malice or recklessness to harm you.

Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyers

Our member Oklahoma attorneys are experienced at working with victims of brain injuries and their families, and can help you transition to a life with disabilities. If you or a family member have suffered a brain injury because of an accident, contact Oklahoma Attorney Group to discuss your case. Our member Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyers are here to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve to meet your needs following a brain injury.