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Oklahoma Infant Injury Attorneys

If your child has suffered injuries during birth, a lawyer might be able to file a lawsuit for financial compensation on your behalf. An experienced Oklahoma birth injury attorney will be able to study the circumstances and specific facts of your delivery and determine if medical negligence contributed to the injury of your child. If it is suspected that medical negligence was the cause, a lawyer may be able to get you compensation to help ease the financial burdens of care for a lifetime. If your child has suffered a birth injury in Oklahoma, our member Oklahoma Child Accident Lawyers of Oklahoma Attorney Group might be able to help you pursue a claim to seek monetary compensation for damages including pain and suffering, medical costs, and loss of future earning capacity.

How Can Oklahoma Child Accident Lawyers Help?

Added to the emotional and physical hardships, birth injuries can also involve a significant financial strain on family members. Physical therapy, specialized schooling and lifelong medical expenses are costly, and most families are unable to support and provide for the needs of their injured child without help from the outside. With Social Security only providing limited medical assistance, an experienced Oklahoma birth injury lawyer may be able to file a suit to seek a fair reward for the injury to your child. If you believe that medical negligence caused your child’s birth injuries, then you could be entitled to financial damages to compensate for costly medical bills, the loss of future earning capacity, among other damages such as pain and suffering. The member Oklahoma Child Accident Lawyers at Oklahoma Attorney Group can work together with experts to figure out your family’s expenses of caring for a child with a birth injury, and file a lawsuit seeking that amount from the responsible party.

Birth Injury Claims

For a claim to be valid, the injury must have been due to medical negligence. When care provided by a medical team is below an accepted standard of care, medical negligence is involved. The responsibility of a medical team during a birth is to monitor a fetus’ health, carry out a pre-determined plan and handle complications that may arise in a proper and timely manner. If these duties are not fulfilled and an injury occurs, the family could have a valid birth injury claim. The following are a few examples of the types of lawsuits handled by birth injury attorneys:

  • Extractions with a vacuum. Like forceps, vacuums are used if a baby has trouble passing through the birth canal. If a vacuum is used incorrectly, a serious injury or death could occur.
  • Delivery with forceps. In some situations, an infant has trouble getting through the birth canal and doctors may need to use forceps to help deliver the child. Excessive force with the forceps can cause debilitating injuries like Erb’s palsy and even death.
  • Delay in performing a Cesarean Section. If a child suffers fetal distress, an emergency C-section may be needed. If the delivery team does not realize this soon enough, they may be found liable for any labor and delivery injuries resulting from such a delay.
  • Hypoxia, which happens when a child’s brain does not get enough oxygen. Hypoxia can happen due to a tangled umbilical cord, damage to the placenta or infection. Medical personnel are trained to be aware of hypoxia and how to eliminate the risk of further injury. If the doctor does not notice the hypoxic event and does not take action quick enough to avoid injury, the physician may be found liable for any damages.

Oklahoma Child Accident Lawyers

If your child was hurt at birth, you should seek advice from Oklahoma Child Accident Lawyers immediately. Contact Oklahoma Attorney Group today to see if you are entitled to file a suit against the negligent party to recover monetary damages.