Oklahoma Dog Bite Lawsuits

Oklahoma Dog Bite Lawsuits
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Animal attack cases happen just about everywhere with dog attacks being the ones most commonly seen. These types of cases can be tricky for an attorney who is inexperienced because the laws involving animal attacks are not in one location that is central which makes finding the particular law that applies to a particular situation more complex and takes extra research. It can also be very difficult to determine who is responsible and if coverage is available. While most pets usually do not pose a threat and behave appropriately, there are moments though when a pet owner is negligent or fails to follow the law and innocent victims suffer serious injuries from an attack.

Common Law

Through traditional Common Law, a landowner’s liability for an animal attack came out of premises liability. If a landowner knew about a possible dangerous condition on his property, which includes an animal, it is their duty to protect or give proper warning to certain persons of the potential danger. From this arose the “One Free Bite Rule.” Unless a dog showed hostile behavior toward someone, the owner was basically relieved of any responsibilities if the dog was unprovoked and attacked someone. After the dog had attacked someone, the owner then became charged with knowing and then had a duty to protect or give warning. Because having to prove knowledge can be very hard, this is the most difficult way to form a case against a pet owner who is irresponsible. In order to successfully prove a case, you generally have to find evidence of a previous attack or aggressive behavior. One way to search for record of prior attacks is to contact the local animal control department. Often times, people who live close by where the attack happened will have knowledge if there were other times the same dog has gotten out and attacked someone or showed aggressive behavior. It is very important to perform interviews with any witnesses as soon as possible after an attack so the event does not fade from their memory or a witness becomes hard to track down. It is very important that you hire a dog bite attorney who has the knowledge and resources to perform a proper investigation.

Oklahoma Dog Bite Attorneys

Pet owner liability law is an area of law that is constantly changing and evolving. Most major cities and several smaller ones as well have enacted strict ordinances such as “leash laws” or “dangerous dog” codes that places a higher burden of care upon the owner of the dog. If you have been hurt as a result of an unprovoked animal attack by someone else’s pet, you need an experienced dog bite attorney who is familiar with researching the correct animal attack laws for your area and can apply them best to your advantage. Member dog bite lawyers of Oklahoma Attorney Group know how to successfully handle animal attack cases and have the necessary skills to determine which laws may help with your specific case.