Texas DePuy Jaw Implant Lawsuit

DePuy Synthes, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based company owned by Johnson & Johnson, issued a recall in April 2014 of its Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Distraction Systems, also known as external mandibular fixators. The system is comprised of a bone plate and distractors, which are used to lengthen the jawbone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allegedly received 15 reports from patients claiming to have been injured by the device. According to the agency, infants are most at risk for wrongful death or severe injury.

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Possible Injuries Caused by the CMF
Distraction System


Although the device is intended to strengthen the patient’s jawbone over time by elongating it, the device, if defective, can allegedly shorten if the screws reverse direction after implantation. If this happens in infants who received the implant to correct a birth defects, the device could potentially obstruct the trachea and cause respiratory distress and/or wrongful death. Such asphyxiation could occur because infants lack the physical ability to “breath around” the device, unlike older children and adults.

According to the FDA, the only adults or children who may be at an elevated risk of injury include those who are pre-disposed to poor jaw bone formation or structure. Following reports of complications, DePuy removed the systems from hospitals nationwide. The company informed hospitals of the appropriate actions to take to ensure that surgeons were no longer fitting patients with the recalled products.

In August 2014, the FDA made the decision to classify this voluntary recall as a Class I, a classification identifying the product as having the potential to cause serious injury or death. Contact Attorney Group for Texas today if you believe you are eligible to file a DePuy jaw implant lawsuit.

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Representing yourself against a medical device manufacturer can be stressful and exceedingly difficult. Obtaining legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney can better your chances of receiving the compensation to which you may be entitled.

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