Texas Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers of Texas Attorney Group are among the attorneys across the United States that have represented clients successfully who were severely burned by a Blitz gas can explosion. Our member burn injury attorneys have recovered settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients who were injured. Blitz USA, a once top gas can supplier, has already encountered numerous lawsuits regarding these dangerous containers and their potential risks of exploding while being used in ordinary situations. For some reason, these companies still insist that their product is safe as is and that they are not responsible for hurting anyone in any way. The affiliated Texas Blitz Gas Can Lawyers at Texas Attorney Group have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to hold these large corporations accountable for their irresponsible actions and make certain that you and your family are justly compensated for your physical injuries and losses.

Some of the problems linked to these portable gas cans include the following:

Texas Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries from an exploding gas container, contact Texas Attorney Group today so our experienced member burn injury lawyers can fight to protect your rights as a burn victim. Portable gas containers can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, many of these plastic cans have serious design and manufacturing defects that could cause users to suffer traumatic burn injuries and even death. These horrific accidents can be avoided easily with only slight changes to the design of the portable can as well as with sufficient warnings that inform users properly of the potential for danger.

The issues associated with these cans include:

  • The lack of an important safety feature, the flame arrestor, within the spout of the gas container. Such a simple modification usually only costs no more than 50 cents and is made of a small metal device that has holes and fits into the spout of a gas can. The arrestor works by forcing any flames to travel through a narrow channel that will not let the flames pass through. This would keep any remaining gas inside of the can from igniting and exploding. This particular design has been used widely in various capacities over the past several years, to even include use in bottles of rum with high-proof alcohol.
  • Not using a child-resistant gas cap. For many years, manufacturers such as Blitz USA have sold portable gas cans without caps that are child-resistant. Even though the replacement cost of an original cap with a cap that is child-resistant is no more than a few cents, manufacturers have still refused to take the necessary action in order to protect the users of their products.
  • Improper warnings on the gas containers. The gas can manufacturers often place molded warnings onto the side of the containers in words that are small and the same color as the container, which is often times too hard to read. A warning that is clearly visible would only cost a little more and could prevent many tragic accidents.

Texas Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

While several manufacturers of portable gas cans have made design modifications to reduce the risks of explosions, Blitz USA continued to not make any alterations, which has lead to many explosions and devastating injuries that could have been avoided. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from an exploding Blitz gas can, contact Texas Attorney Group today. Let our Texas Blitz Gas Can Lawyers protect your rights.