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When you undergo surgery, the last thing you expect to happen is to need an additional corrective surgery to fix adverse reactions and side effects. Unfortunately, this has happened for far too many patients who have received a metal-on-metal hip replacement system. Although the adverse reactions have varied among patients, one of the biggest issues is the potential for metal debris from the metal-on-metal implant to enter into the bloodstream and surrounding tissues causing serious complications. Other side effects have included infection, bone loss, implant loosening, bone or device fracture, and joint dislocation. Deterioration of a hip implant and other complications are serious and can result in a patient ending up in worse shape than they were before the hip replacement surgery. If you or a loved one have experienced adverse reactions with a hip implant, it is very important to see your physician immediately and also consider consulting with a hip implant failure attorney. At Texas Attorney Group, our member Texas Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Attorneys have the experience and resources to make an effective case for a successful outcome.

Metal Hip Implant Recalls


Stryker hip lawsuitMetal-on-metal hip implant devices that have been recalled recently include the following:


  • Zimmer Durom Acetabular Component, also known as the Durom Cup in July 2008
  • DePuy ASR total hip system in August 2010
  • Smith & Nephew R3 acetabular system in June 2012
  • Stryker Rejuvenate in June 2012
  • Stryker ABG II in June 2012

The recall was initiated for the Zimmer Durom Cup after it was discovered that the instructions and surgical techniques were insufficient. The recall for the DePuy was announced after new data revealed that revisions within the last five years were happening at a rate of 13 percent. Metal liners from Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics were taken off the market due to higher than expected rates of revision surgeries for total hip replacements done outside of the United States.

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