Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys

Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys

Have you had a hip replacement done with a defective Zimmer Durom Cup artificial hip? Our member Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys of Texas Attorney Group are evaluating claims from clients dealing with this type of defective medical device. They have experience successfully handling product liability cases on behalf of patients injured by various defective products and the Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement systems are just such products. These hip replacement implants, which were used between the years 2006 and 2008, have caused limited mobility, severe pain and discomfort to patients that were implanted with these hip devices during hip replacement surgery. If you have received a defective hip replacement device, call Texas Attorney Group so we can match you with our affiliated Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys

Suspension of Zimmer Durom Cup Sales

Zimmer, Inc. issued a voluntary suspension of sales of the Durom Cup Hip Resurfacing System in July 2008 in the United States after doctors expressed their concerns over a high rate of failure with the hip replacement device. Reports indicate that the Durom Cup implant can fail to properly fuse with the bone, and separate and migrate in the body instead. With movement of the Durom Cup, the metal hip socket is pushed against bone, which usually causes extreme pain for patients. Also, complications with the Durom Cup may necessitate patients to undergo additional painful hip revision surgeries, rehabilitation or medical monitoring.

Contact Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys

If you have experienced problems with your Zimmer Durom Cup hip device since your replacement surgery or if you have experienced pain or loosening of your Zimmer hip device since surgery, you may be eligible to file a Zimmer hip lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for such damages as your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income. Call Texas Attorney Group today to discuss your case with our qualified affiliated Texas Zimmer Durom Cup Attorneys to find out what your legal options are. Our skilled affiliated injury lawyers have extensive experience with product liability cases, specifically those claims involving defective medical devices. If you have been implanted with a Zimmer device between 2006 and 2008, call today even if you are not certain what model of implant you received so you do not miss the chance to pursue a claim due to a statute of limitations concerning certain product liability claims. We can help to identify your type of device and determine whether you qualify to file a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit.