Texas Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys

Hercules Tire has issued a recall for some of their light-duty truck tires in the United States because the treads and belts have the potential to separate from the tires. According to a news report from the Associated Press, this recall covers tires from the company’s All Trac line that are 10-ply Load Range E. All of these recalled tires measure 16 or 17 inches in diameter. They are used mainly for commercial trucks and Hercules Tire is still trying to figure out how many tires are involved with this recall.
These tires that were recalled were manufactured in China and sold by Hercules, which is Ohio based. Officials of Hercules say that the separations of tire tread could lessen the ability of a driver to control the vehicle. There has been at least one accident that was reported because of these defective tires.

Dangerous Defects

Texas Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys
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Defective tires, regardless if they are present in light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs or any other types of vehicles, can have devastating consequences. And regardless if the tire defect involves separation of the tire tread, adhesion failure or tire shredding, when the failure occurs, a driver has very little control of the car. Separation of tire tread can be particularly traumatic when it happens at freeway speeds.

Tire Safety Tips

There are many steps a driver can take to promote tire safety:

    • Perform regular tire pressure checks.
    • Perform checks for tread depth. An easy test to check this is to place the edge of a penny down into the grooves of the tread. If you are able to see all of Lincoln’s head, you need a new tire and it is recommended to replace all tires at one time.
    • If your tire is underinflated, get it taken care of immediately. They could easily lead to tire failure since they create more heat


  • Never think twice about replacing damaged or worn out tires and always carry a spare tire in your car.
  • Always be on the lookout for tire damage. It is a good idea to inspect all sides of your tires for any bulges, cracks, nicks or cuts when you are checking tire pressure.

Texas Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys

If you or someone you care about has been hurt due to a tire defect, please contact a qualified Texas Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys who will fight to protect your rights and to help hold any negligent manufacturers accountable. It is also very important to save the tire so it can be thoroughly examined by an expert for defects and possible malfunctions. Affiliated Texas Hercules Tire Recall Attorneys of Texas Attorney Group are here to help seek monetary compensation for your losses.